October 28

Almond Butter, Almond Milk and RA – PP Support Live Call

We discuss how:

  • Are almonds Okay?
  • Raw, soaked sprouted and dry roasted almonds.
  • Almond milk and soy milk
  • Raw almond butter

If almonds are eventually okay? Yes, almonds are totally fine you’ll see them in the reintroduction guide. You can eat them as raw, soaked almonds which are then sprouted, or you can have them as dry roasted almonds no oil. And you can buy them at your local grocery store. It’s very hard these days to find dry roasted almonds, I don’t know why it becomes so hard, but they all have canola oil or sunflower oil or peanut oil added to them. But I think it makes cooking better and makes them last longer. But the worst, okay so we need to avoid those. So when it’s time to test almonds, you could test them as raw, soaked sprouted or as dry roasted no oils, little salt no problem at all.

The question is kind of almond milk and soy milk, are they okay? So the answer is that the ones you buy in the store tend to be really full of fillers, and sugar, preservatives, malt, all sorts of stuff that are not going to be supportive for our purpose. However, if you can tolerate almonds and let’s just talk almonds if you can tolerate almonds then yes there is a possibility to be able to then turn them at home into almond milk and enjoyed that. It’s never something that I indulged in, we did make some almond milk at times. But I always felt nervous about it, it’s not to say that it shouldn’t be something done in the future but just appreciate that it’s going to be high in fat, high protein. So you got to be ready to be able to handle it before you try. And I would start by getting good with almonds first, and once that’s good then go forward from there.

Lian says, what about raw almond butter? Look, if you are at a stage where you can tolerate almonds, then raw almond butter should be fine.


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