May 8

Fish Oil and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I tried fish oil for a long period of time. It did go against my better judgment because actually my body reacted very very badly to fish oil. I would take fish oil supplements and they wouldn’t get past my actual stomach area before I would have, I guess you would say, like fish reflux was really weird. I would take the tablets and then within a few minutes and I guess it would be that time it took for the capsule to dissolve in my stomach and the oil to be released into my stomach. I was doing regurgitation burps on that fish oil. And this went on for months. It is really disgusting. Fish oils bad on the way down but let me tell you it’s a lot worse on the way back up. And so fish didn’t agree with me.

Now that’s only just a sample of one case. But anyway I put fish oil out now also because it didn’t give me any relief at all. So I was getting no pain relief whatsoever for a fish oil – and I really wasn’t digesting it successfully not even sort of you know really getting it into my body properly and just was getting rejected.

This is my feeling about fish oil is that even if it works let’s say that it did work and I really seriously question that it offers anything more than a little bit of relief. Let’s say that it might offer a little bit of relief. All it’s doing is just draining your bank account on a regular basis taking a supplement that does nothing towards helping the underlying cause – because the underlying cause is a gut disorder and putting fish oil into a gut disorder is not going to help.

To restore the gut we need to heal it in a way that we would if we were trying to heal any other part of the body we need to stop hitting the bruised area. We need to stop picking at the scab or irritating the cut. Right? And so fish oil’s not going to serve any purpose in terms of addressing the actual cause of the condition. So it’s just money down the drain at best giving you a small amount of relief. And then I said “at best” and at worst it’s just a waste of money and could cause actual more problems by creating more leaky gut by having fat in the presence of other foods when it is present against the intestinal wall.

So I don’t think fish oil should even exist. I got no time for it. All of our oceans are stripped of fish that are being mass marketed and just to squeeze them a little bit of oil out of them. And I think it’s an horrific thing that we’re doing to our oceans. And we ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

So forget the fish oil.


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