January 8

For Excellent Long Term Progress: The Goal Is The Habit

Clint explains how generating a habit is the goal, and the daily repetition automatically creates the outcome you are after

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Good day, it’s Clint Paddison here with another tip on reversing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. And today I want to talk about the importance of habits. I’m about to go into the gym. And at the moment, I’m going to the gym every single day. And at other times in my life, I go to Bikram yoga every single day. And the purpose of going every day is that it meets the habit. And what you’re trying to achieve here, your end goal is the habit of doing the things that are most important for you to maintain a quality body.

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And so today, although I might do similar exercises as yesterday and normally with going to the gym, the goal for most men is to build as much muscle as possible. My goal by going to the gym is to maintain high quality, functional, a great range of motion through my joints. And if I go once every other day or once every 3rd days and workout as hard as I can to try and give the muscles a big workout and then a rest, a big workout, rest, I’ve found it doesn’t work as well for my joints. And my priority is my joint preservation and joint quality. And the habit of going every day is the key. Just knowing that I get that synovial fluid moving through the joints or the connective tissues get blood flow and it’s just healthier for the joint.

So whatever it is that you’re aiming to improve your life with, make it your habit. And once you have the habit in your life, then the benefits just flow through to you naturally. So once again, the goal is not how strong you are and how much you lift at the gym or how bendy you are at yoga or how good you are at Pilates or how far you go on the exercise bike, whatever your chosen exercise regime. It’s the habit of doing it every day that gives you the quality of life. Okay, so go ahead and do that. And I hope that habit in your life really, really supports your health journey. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.


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