August 9

Krill Oil For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Every now and then I get a question about Krill oil and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Here’s how the most recent one went, followed by my reply:

Hi Clint,

Just want to tell you how much i appreciate all the emails and advice you have given me. Thankyou so much! But of course i have another question for you. Heard lately that pure Krill Oil is good for R/A. Have you ever taken it and if so did it improve your R/A?.


Hi Mary,

No problems, I’m glad I am helping.

I spoke to a Krill today and he said ‘please don’t squash me so that humans can drink my oil. Don’t they know that my slaughter and the oil that comes from it is only a short-term slight relief of pain for them, whilst their problems are really coming from a digestive disorder that they need to address over the long-term?’

I said ‘smart Krill! Very smart Krill. You deserve to live, my friend, and I will attempt to save your life. I’ll see what Mary says’.



Paddison Program

The truth is, Krill oil will not cure your Rheumatoid Arthritis. In fact, of the thousands of people I have now helped with RA I have yet to hear a single testimonial for the long-term pain reduction reliability of this supplement. We’re destroying our oceans and sea life to provide a band-aid poor ‘solution’ to a much larger problem that stems from a serious underlying digestive disorder.

Stop listening to the marketing behind fish oil and Krill oil. They  have huge advertising budgets who are hoping that their oil will give you a small short-term relief so that you’ll continue to buy it over and over to try to keep pain down. I understand the pain. God knows, the pain is beyond words, but the answer is not to try and put out a raging fire with a dropper full of oily liquid.

Instead, you are far better off to learn about the underlying cause of RA and drink a super healing daily green celery and cucumber juice. Ensure you have gotten rid of all dairy products which aggravate RA and make sure you are getting tons of Vitamin D for your RA and ensuring you do lots of exercise for your joints especially Bikram Yoga for pain relief. Just these steps alone, even if you don’t follow the full Paddison Program for RA course will create huge improvements to your condition. This will help you dramatically lower your pain, get you on the path towards healing and it will help our friendly Krill live another day.

Love and Peace,



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