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Hi, It's Clint here.

Want some personal help?

I have the greatest RA support platform in the world that you can join instantly.

We can talk every day, about anything that you're struggling with, and I can make sure you have the information you need to overcome your problems. You can also get access to information not seen anywhere else in the world, and witness how others get off their medications safely and alleviate their RA symptoms.

Whatever your challenge, some of our members (or myself) have overcome it and will show you how.

If you like, you can set up a personal journal so that others can watch, comment, encourage and suggest ways to improve your progress to expand your food base and/or lower your medications. A large number of members have achieved both with my support and the help from others.

I can honestly tell you that the Support Forum Is Awesome.

In short, you will get:
- Support Forum of incredibly helpful and supportive members to assist you with your healing journey. Get someone else to tell you exactly how they are succeeding in detail. You'll get answers within hours that can likely save you months (or even years).
- Access to RA Coaches inside the Support Forum. These are qualified professionals, with training on specific areas like physical therapy, food preparation, yoga and more.

There is no place like this on Earth.

This is the home of healing.

This is Rheumatoid Solutions Support Forum.

If at some time in the future you decide to cancel your Support Membership then no problem. You will always maintain lifetime access to your existing purchases right here (where you're reading this) - as you have always done. So zero to lose, massive amounts to gain.

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I look forward to assisting you on your journey forward.