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Happy New Year – Let’s move into our Optimal Health!

Happy New Year - Let's move into our Optimal Health

Happy New Year! We made it. We have another year ahead of us with many roads to travel and turns to take.

Let us all embrace a new year of Life and set a goal to reach our Optimal Health. We might think – I want to be healthy and happy but how do I get there? Just realizing that we want to be balanced and have regained vitality in health and wellness is the first step. Of course we will have some cob webs to clean out and a bit of spring cleaning from all of the lifeless food, slack thoughts, and lack of action that snuck its way in this past year. This is when we detox our body, mind, and soul for a fresh start for our new year!

A few ways to look into the brightness of our amazing year ahead is to approach our goals with purpose and clarity of mind. Find your peaceful place and be gentle with embarking on the roads to travel this year. Whether you sit and write a list, send yourself an email, take notes on your ipad, chat with a friend over a fresh juice, reset in yoga class, or have a bike ride through the park thinking of your year, set aside the time to think about how you can reach your Optimal Health in 2013!

I like to go to back to the basics and remember the essentials for creating daily happiness and Optimal Health.

1. Nourish the Body

Eat well. Fill your body with plant based nutrient dense foods to give life and spark to your body! Pass on processed. Feel light and bright with simple and nutritious high vibe foods. Swap out a green smoothie for a milkshake – I promise they are delicious.

Drink well. Water, Water, Water – go for the clear and hydrating liquid! Our body yearns to be hydrated and well fueled and our cells instantly give shouts of glee when we replenish what they need. Try starting your morning with a glass of water and fresh squeezed lemon. Swap a coconut water for a coffee. Small steps accumulate into big differences!

2. Exercise the Body

We are made to move it and groove it! Find joy in movement. Leave the cozy comfort of the couch (save the rest for later). We have so many avenues of physical exercise and just have to tap into finding our favorite. Some of our favorites are yoga, swimming at the beach, dancing (can be around the house in your PJs), riding a bike, canoeing, hiking, surfing, walking in the park, and playing with our niece and nephew. Pump up your favorite music and seriously bust a move! When we get our endorphins pumping and body in motion it has endless benefits for us including fresh oxygen, fresh blood, muscle tone & strength, stamina, flexibility, and release of stress and anxiety. Set a play date for yourself and your favorite activity a few times a week.

3. Exercise the Mind

Take a break from all things electronic and media related. It’s nice to leave out the drama and frivolous facts that really just create fuzz and distraction in the mind. Listen to inspiring speakers, read a compelling novel or poetry, learn a language, find whatever your mind enjoys to give a little stimulation and inspiration.

4. Rest the Body

This is where we can come back to the comfy couch if we like (only after we had our exercise!). Don’t burn the candle at both ends. We all have busy schedules, commitments, work, and family duties that stream through our days constantly. Try to remember we need rest to recharge and balance our body. Love yourself enough to give yourself enough sleep at night. Eating plant based foods, green goodness, and enzymes all help in recharging the body. They digest easily allowing the body to rest more during sleep.

5. Meditation or Silent Reflection

Allow yourself to experience peace and quiet the constant chatter of the mind. Reduce stress. Reduce anxiety. How? Quiet the mind and sit in silent meditation. It is a treat that is so divine and amazing and doesn’t cost a single cent. Whether we are a small child or in our golden years we can all sit silently for a few minutes to go within and gain peace and clarity. Try and sneak a 5 minute meditation on your lunch break, in your private office, while the kids are taking a nap, or in between studying.

6. Spend time in Nature

Forget the chores. Forget the office. Forget watching television. Step outside and reconnect. It is so essential for us to soak up the sun and feel connected to nature. Nature’s energy is limitless and is so rejuvenating! Even if you live in the concrete jungle of the city find your local park. Seek out some green grass to have a walk through and enjoy fresh air. Wherever you are there is absolutely some way to get outside and just *be* and enjoy soaking up all of the elements.

7. Don’t Worry. Be Happy

Four simple words that have so much meaning. Set this as your mantra when life is unfolding this year. I always feel an internal sigh of relief when I repeat those four words – Don’t Worry, Be Happy. It helps me to stay present and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. The present is fleeting and we aim to make time to definitely stop and smell the roses!

Wishing All a very Happy and Bright 2013! May your balanced body, mind, and spirit bring you into a year of Optimal Health!


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