The Paddison Program For Osteoarthritis

The Paddison Program was originally created to help RA patients. An 'easier' version of the Paddison Program can be used to get dramatic results for Osteoarthritis patients.

  • Osteoarthritis has a small inflammatory component in the joints which can be reduced with the Paddison Program
  • The underlying cause of OA lies in an inappropriate diet
  • Osteoarthritis can be slowed dramatically with the right lifestyle choices
  • Expect to see excellent results within weeks of starting the Paddison Program
  • 100% money back guarantee (but I assure you, this rarely is needed!)
  • Contact me once you are about to start and I'll provide some easier modifications of the Paddison Program for you if you only have OA (and not RA).

Cheryl P.

Clint, This is Cheryl. I have rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis since I was 40 yr old. I am a healthy very active and slim 54 yo. I started your plan because I have had terrible stomach issues and the Celebrex (Dr. had me on 1000mg a day) was making me bleed in my stomach. I did the cleanse, went off the meds, saw my Dr. To get my blood checked (after I started the prog). My inflammation was almost completely gone.It seems my symptoms of pain and swelling abated almost completely. I know now the two worst offenders seem to be wheat and sugar. On a scale of 1-10 of your program, I would say I am quite satisfied...probably an 8 or 9. Your research seems very complete. I have always had colon and stomach issues since I was young and feel the toxicity of our foods is to blame. I have greens as often as possible and crave them for breakfast. I have recommended your program to several friends”

Sandra H Testimonial Osteoarthritis