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Meet Your RA Reversal Dream Team

Clint Paddison 

Rheumatoid Solutions creator

Solve all RA-related Problems. Clint Paddison is regarded by many as the #1 expert in RA reversal. He has personally coached over 1,500 people inside Rheumatoid Support over the past 7 years, many of which have gotten off medications, normalised their CRP and ESR, and told their stories on the Rheumatoid Solutions podcast. Get personal help with your feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, and even jaw and chest pain if you need it.

Dr. Renae Thomas

MD, And Lifestyle Medicine Consultant

Medical Input On Drugs And Disease. Dr. Renae Thomas, MD, MPH, B-BMed (Nutrition and Exercise Physiology), is a Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. As a doctor, she strives to be a compassionate and understanding support system to patients, helping uncover the underlying issues, and working with them to achieve their greatest health and happiness. Dr. Thomas is highly familiar with the Paddison Program, and has used it with tremendous effect with her patients with autoimmune disorders.

Carl Reader

Knee Expert

Reverse RA in the knees. Carl Reader is an expert on improving RA in the knees. If you have RA in the knees, or need to build muscle in your body, Carl is your man! Carl has helped some RA patients go from barely walking to becoming active again, now able to easily get up and down from seated positions. Build strength and range of motion with Carl! 

Anaya Smiley

Happiness Creator

Improve your mental health. Anaya will make you happier. She has studied how to recover from depression and trauma. She runs laughter therapy. She has her own story of RA recovery, and has eliminated RA drugs and is now running and swimming again with no pain. Anaya will shower you with love and get your mood back on track!

Lori Decker

Meal Creation 

Make all meals easily. Need help in the kitchen? Lori will be there for you. She can assist you with finding foods, preparing them, and making them taste delicious. You'll never miss old unhealthy food again!

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