Do You Also Want Personal Coaching To Get Well Faster?

If you upgrade and add Personal Coaching, you will get support from some of the best RA-Reversal experts:

Your Own Exercise Coach

"For 20 years I've helped people with joint-related issues safely relieve pain, improve mobility and strength by teaching them how to move better. I am here to assist you with any challenges you may have when it comes to everyday movements, stretching, or exercises you are doing for mobility or strength.

- Carl Reader
Functional Movement Coach And RA Knee Expert

Your Own Strategy Coach

"Here to help you with every single problem you face to get rid of pain and swelling despite all the challenges!". 

- Clint Paddison
Creator of the Paddison Program, Rheumatoid Solutions and Rheumatoid Support

Your Own Medical Doctor

"I will assist you with your medication questions, and also lifestyle changes, and do my upmost for you have the best possible health and the least RA symptoms imaginable.". 

- Dr. Renae Thomas
MD and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Your Own Mental Health Coach

"I am here to help you with the biggest challenge of all - the mental side of having a chronic disease. If you need help, just ask, I'm here as your mental health and mindset coach - on call as you need me. Let's tackle it all together to take the load off" 

- Elissa Lowenstern
Mindset Coach, RA Patient of 50 years

Your Own Food Coach

"I have been on the Paddison Program for 6 yrs and am off all meds and pain-free. I love to cook and I can help you make foods you love to eat while you heal. Looking forward to your questions!"

- Lori Decker, PP Food Expert

Your Own Family Support Coach

"I have assisted my husband through some extremely tough years with his Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can help guide you in ways to deal with this condition and the way it affects your family also"

- Melissa Paddison
Co-Creator of the Paddison Program

All Of These Coaches Will Help You On Your Healing Mission!

Your VIP Service Includes:


Step 1 - A Personal Healing Strategy

We will map out a plan for you. When you start your journal and answer a few questions, Clint will create 1-month plan and 12-month plan for you to give you clarity and certainty as to what to focus on for quickest results


Step 2 - Help With Your Plan

You and the coaching team will crush inflammation together. The team will assist you with all aspects of the RA strategy, including implementing the Paddison Program perfectly to get the best possible results. You will get responses to questions within 24 hours to ensure everything continues smoothly


Step 3 - Priority Service And Attention

You are our priority. Rheumatoid Support members are the people we look after every day. We will ensure that you are getting results and that you are always happy with your healing achievements.


Step 4 - Immense Love And Support From Others

Connect and learn from hundreds of others on the RA healing path in our private community. This is NOT a lame Facebook group! Our wellness center is custom software designed to be the greatest place on earth to be if you have RA. Some of our hundreds of members around the world have solved every problem that you will face. Some of them can help you just as much as our coaches can!

Add Support To Your Order Now And We Will Help You On Every Step Of This Journey

What You Get When You Add Rheumatoid Support To Your Order

  • 1-1 Help from the entire coaching team throughout the year.
  • A private online wellness experience that connects you with your coaches and hundreds of others who are on a healing mission just like you.
  • A personal journal to become the central location for your progress reports, assistances, encouragement and guidance
  • Guidance from other RA Reversal experts
  • Online coaching platform is accessible from your laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Everything you need in one place. Personal help, resources, training videos, live call links, replays, video library. "The greatest place in the world to be if you have RA"
  • Contact each and every one of your coaches directly, get personalised guidance within 24 hours.
  • Confidence, and reassurance, that you will always have the right information on hand at all times

Rheumatoid Support - Personal Coaching And Community

Only $250/year
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