Restore your health and gain vibrant energy through plant-based meals suitable for the whole family.

Stop battling your weight and health issues. With a healthy gut everything else becomes a breeze.

More Paddison Program Users Who Have Life-Changing Improvements

Paddison Program for Optimal Health

Use Melissa Paddison's Guide For Optimal Health and:

  • Transform your body to reach it's ideal weight
  • Lower risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and chronic autoimmune conditions
  • Reduce inflammation in the body, reduces acidity, relieves anxiety, and restores energy levels
  • Create a clean, vibrant body that is free from processed foods and animal foods that are high in growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and toxic chemicals.
  • Improve your individual health, the health of our planet and the welfare of animals

I would absolutely recommend the Paddison Program to anyone who is suffering from any digestion issues, weight issues, allergies or to anyone who wishes to simply eat healthier, as it has changed my life for the better, and I feel the healthiest I ever have in my life!

- Zoe Bloom

 I felt positive changes with days of staring this program. On the fourth day in I noticed that my Rosacea had disappeared! Doctors told me that I would have to take antibiotics daily for the rest of my life and that there was no cure for this embarrassing skin condition. I never knew that I could feel so good! 

- Tracy N.

It's simple. Start to incorporate more clean, green, nutrient-dense foods in your diet and you'll see and feel the benefits with days. With one click you will instantly receive access to your Program to get started! This Program works seamlessly with all electronic devices.

what you'll get:

  • Over 50 whole food, plant-based, low-fat recipes to build health from the inside out
  • Video - Pumpkin Soup
  • Video - Green Goodness Juice
  • Video - Moong Dahl
  • Video - Mega Miso Meal
  • + Bonus recipe video
  • Instant access (download and view immediately)
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back guarantee

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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What Melissa Paddison's children are now saying about the Paddison Program For Optimal Health:

Please buy Mummy's Optimal Health book and videos. They will make your tummy feel good and make you happy.

Angelina Paddison, Aged 3.5 (100% plant based champion)

Goo goo ga... dada... mama..... go go gaaaaa

Arielle Paddison, Aged 15 months (happiest baby in Australia)