Psoriatic Arthritis Natural Treatment For Reversing Pain And Toxic Drug Dependency

The Paddison Program was originally created to help RA patients, but has since been embraced by Psoriatic Arthritis patients around the globe to become the most trusted, reliable and powerful anti-inflammatory Program for arthritis today.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis is essentially Rheumatoid Arthritis with psoriasis
  • The underlying cause, in my opinion, is identical to Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Over years of observing the effects of the Paddison Program across a range of different autoimmune diseases, I see that the improvements and response of PsA to this Program is the same.
  • Expect to see excellent results within days of starting the Paddison Program
  • 100% money back guarantee (but I assure you, this rarely is needed!)

In wellness, Clint Paddison

If You Have Psoriatic Arthritis

STEP 1 - See how powerful this treatment is for RA

  • Eliminate Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms completely
  • Reduce and eliminate toxic RA drugs
  • Treat the underlying cause of RA
  • Eliminate fatigue and restore energy levels

STEP 2 - See how it works for Psoriatic Arthritis

Watch And See How Nicole:

  • Reversed Psoriatic Arthritis in the fingers and hands
  • Reversed her Psoriasis that she had since childhood
  • Reclaimed full body use from in and out of a wheelchair
  • Gotten off extremely dangerous medications safely
  • Restored physical abilities once lost

STEP 3 - See the life-changing improvements of others with PsA on the Paddison Program

Paul Lebsack


When i started your program my CRP count was 38, after 1 month it went down to 11. Eventually i went for a blood test last week just to see where i was at even though i knew i was misbehaving with my diet, Drum roll,,,,,,,,,,,,,, unbelievably as of last week it is 5.6, i was stunned! Psoriasis is under control and would be gone by now if i was disciplined enough, my toe nails have grown back & the heady fog & negative thoughts & emotions are nonexistent, maybe the euphoria of being pain free who knows but it’s real & i feel great! That’s it, a big thanks mate, i don’t know how you researched what you did but I’m grateful you did, i’m glad to say the journey has been the best thing i’ve done for myself & family over the past 6 years i’ve learnt a ton about nutrition & what we have actually been doing to ourselves in ignorance. Feel free to contact me for further info Clint, would love to have a chat with you about how to help others, I’m free anytime day or night."

Maike T.

The Netherlands

I suffer from Psoriasis Arthritis and started your program 4 weeks ago and I feel tremendously better! You guys are heroes!"

Heindrick N.


I was diagnosed with Psoriasis Arthritis about 4 years ago. First, I went down the road that probably everyone goes down - I took my meds. But I have never believed in just treating symptoms and I just couldn`t be satisfied with the idea of being dependant on some little chemical pills to help me go through life. I am now 3 months into the program. The best thing is: there are no new joints that are suddenly hurting and swelling up like it used to be the case in the past where I felt the arthritis was moving my body jumping from one joint to the next. That has completely stopped. My feet are good, my spine too.

Robin J.

I suffer from psoriasis and psoratic arthritis. I give your program a 10 out of 10. This was the only program which has some factual evidence and reason for following the diet and program. Most other program's say you must do this and eat that but do not give a reason why or how doing these things will help. The fact you go in to so much depth on enzymes etc make you understand the reason for doing it. The pain reduction has been dramatic. I no longer limp out of bed on the morning or limp around the construction site. Also I can make a fist with my had, some thing I struggled with before. I am not completely pain free but am certainly on the way there

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