October 11

RA Warning – Avoid Colon Cleansing

We discuss:

– How delicate is our microbiome?
– What is Colon Cleansing?
– The effects of Colon Cleansing if you have an auto-immune disease
– You have to stick with what is working for you and stay in the healing grove
– Never be complacent, complacency is the biggest enemy of long term success

Good day! it’s Clint Paddison here with some more help for your rheumatoid arthritis reversal plan. And today I have a warning for you, to be a warning and I have seen this before. And I wanted to share an example of this with you so that you might be able to avoid this situation. This information is coming through from an email that I have received. It says, Ciao Clint, I was pain-free and pill free for one year after your program. Now I did a colon cleanse two months ago, and the rheumatoid arthritis flared up badly. Now I need to take methotrexate again plus cortisone and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Have you heard of this earlier? Love Ekanter.

Now, huge warning. So, first of all, let’s just think about this situation. So the microbiome is very very delicate. It’s an ecosystem of living organisms that are competing with each other for mostly space and territory. You’ve got two layers of mucus, one sitting on top of another inside the colon. The colon is where the mucus and all of the bacteria that are influencing our immune system are residing. Okay so if we then go and do a colon cleanse and I presume that Ekanter is talking about one of these colonic irrigations. We go to a clinic, and you lie on your back, and they stick a tube where you wouldn’t normally look and then they run continuous warm water through the colon for up to 45 minutes. I know all this because I’ve done all this stuff, there’s not many things that you can possibly do to try and eliminate rheumatoid arthritis that I haven’t done. And I’ve been to these clinics before in the past and I’ve laid there, and I’ve had this procedure done. Now it is too aggressive if you have a delicate immune system like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, whatever. If your running and delicate recovery plan and there you go and run continuous friction water flow through the colon for a very long period of time in a most unnatural manner you think about what actually is going on with this colonic irrigation. It’s like a river, a continuous river running pass that those bacterial colonies. And so this is quite different than my actual recommendation of an occasional enema. An enema is just where you apply gravity to feed approximately 500 ml of water into the beginning lower part of the colon at best and mostly into the rectum, and then the water can then be just expelled by going to the toilet as you normally would. Now that is an entirely different situation than the friction effects of the first case which is a colonic irrigation.

So we have to be careful to remember how delicate our health restoration is. We cannot go messing with things once we feel good. It’s this whole getting into the healing groove is tricky, and once we in the healing groove we do not want to mess with it because this sort of stuff can happen. Now, It does seem overkill to me that Ekanter’s talking about going on Methotrexate, Cortisone, and Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. So she has probably written this e-mail after visiting the rheumatologist who takes enormous overkill kind of action like this in a lot of cases rheumatologists do, they just throw everything at it. Their objective is no symptoms, not no disaster as a result of the drugs that just no symptoms. That’s kind of the only font a lot when someone presents with a lot of problems, let’s get it under control as quickly as you can and then back away on some of the meds.

Well you know, Ekanter may have felt better and then reintroduced a lot of additional foods that are too advanced and then had the colonic irrigation then it’s been in delicate balance and triggered this. But other things can cause this to happen. So it’s not just the colonic irrigation, but it’s a complacency that we must avoid. I’ve seen this sort of things happen with natural herbs from natural path recommend anti-microbial herbal supplements. I could imagine this sort of thing could happen with very stressful events. One study showed that just by doing long distance travel, and international travel 12-hour flight can disrupt your microbiome. It’s not going to do something like this but these things need to be, we need to be mindful of what we’re doing so as to treat our delicate newborn infant baby if we could think of it like that of a microbiome. That isn’t robust, that isn’t impervious to disruption.

Okay, so Ekanter has done all this work and then gone and done this stupid colonic irrigation. And has probably flushed out so much of her healthy microbiome residence, and now she is faced with having to probably go back to the start of our program and work her way through the gut re-colonization process. So don’t let this happen to you. Be so so careful the path through the mountain is extremely narrow. And then once you’ve achieved your destination there is no room for complacency. Once you feel good, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t go messing with stuff, don’t listen to people who suggest fancy treatments that are not natural. Okay because you don’t go out into nature. Lie down the ground and have a river go through your butt for nearly an hour.

Okay, that’s it for me. I hope you gained a little bit of confidence, and reassurance that you’ve got to stick to what you’re doing because messing with it can result in unfortunate circumstances that are going to require a lot of work again.

Alright, talk to you later.


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