March 18

Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure And Remission Are The Wrong Objectives

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The overall objective when reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally is NOT "cure" and NOT "remission". It is to completely and confidently control your condition.

Before we talk about what are true end goal is, I want to address the common phrases "cure" and "remission". Neither of these words serve us. Neither words are helpful. Both should be removed from our vocabulary.


Why can't we dream of a cure? I used to dream of a cure during my earlier days with RA when I was naïve, thinking that if the disease was totally non-existent at one point in my life it could become totally non-existent again in the future. I had seen the effects of fasting and how complete my pain reduction could be. I believed that one day I could turn off this disease once and for all and thump my chest and roar with bullet proof health forever.

Years of suffering gave me a greater respect RA. This disease is like bringing home a wild ferocious animal as a pet. At the start, there is fear. The beast is unpredictable and increasingly aggressive. We get a sense of panic. So we do what others suggest and keep it heavily sedated until it lives out it's sorry life.

It's much less common for people to discover that the animal can be tamed. They don't realise that the animal is being provoked. It's aggression is reactionary. Once we develop a relationship with the animal, so that it becomes predictable, we then see how it can be calmed and eventually tamed. But the day you start getting complacent, it can turn on you and tear you apart. 

I will never be complacent. I do not want to find out what will happen if I eat cheese pizzas and fast food for the next two weeks. I don't know how robust my digestive health is, or how much insurance I have built into it. Gut feeling tells me I would have some symptoms return after the two week test, but that is one experiment that I have zero interest in undertaking! As long as I continue to afford my pet the respect, mindfulness, care and awareness it needs, it will allow me to go sleep in peace.


I also don’t like the word remission, which doctor’s use and say, “we can get you in remission”.  But that means you can have remission by being on some of the most dangerous and toxic drugs on Earth and then having no symptoms. But, some of this major, and most expensive, and most popular drug also have side effects listed on their box as "death!".  So we don’t really want to over medicate to achieve a sense of no pain.  


The first objective in the Paddison Program - the first goal is to achieve 4 consecutive days of same medications, same exercise, same food, and consequently same pain.  Because when we achieve this, we get our first sense of control over the disease.  Yes sure, we’re on a restricted range of foods, and we’re taking our medications of course as we should.  However, once we get that sense that "you know what? If I do this certain thing and eat this certain way, over a period of 4 consecutive days then I have the same exact pain and there’s no surprises.  This thing doesn’t randomly come at me in a way that flares up at night. No, this is predictable" 

We can get a sense of control over 4 days.  We know that we can then build on that. And so then after that, we begin introducing more foods, and what we want to do is to be able to achieve this sense of compete and confident control with more foods. ​

We will then get to a point where we can say "okay we’re all this wonderful range of healthy foods and we still have this complete, and confident control. Plus, our blood markers are outstanding, and our symptoms are extremely low.  We can talk to our doctor to about we might be over medicated, and whether or not we can reduce some of our meds, and still be meeting all of the objectives for very low or zero pain levels detectable in the body.  

And so that’s the first goal on the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis, 4 groundhog days so that you are able to show for the first time a control over the symptoms, and that it’s not all random.  And when you can achieve that, then confidence comes.  So that you start to develop this first sense of complete and confident control.  And from there, the future looks a lot more bright.

The end result is one of a diverse, delicious, wonderful range of foods that are tolerated without pain; a balanced, active lifestyle; and an appreciation of our renewed health so as to preserve it with discipline and self love. 

This will give us complete confidence and control over our condition where we are pulling the strings.

We are our own RA puppeteers. 

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