September 4

Trinette is pain-free and off Methotrexate

We discuss how:
– Trinette has come off all her medications in the last 18 months, and is now pain-free and drug-free with the Paddison Program
– She started taking Prednisone for eight months in 2005 and then Methotrexate, Plaquenil and Sulfasalazine for almost 10 years
– Juice fast was a total reset of her body and changed her taste buds
– She and her family are now enjoying a plant-based diet
– Her C-reactive protein is now 1
– The prolonged use of Methotrexate caused her two skin cancers
– She’s now drug-free and her skin and hair have greatly improved
– She can hold things and go for a walk again, after years of pain due to RA
– Her mother has Graves disease and is now on the Paddison Program with great benefit
– Her mother-in-law is in her third round of breast cancer and is now on the Program as well

Paddison Program

Clint: Thanks for joining us today. Today I’ve got a guest called Trinette. She’s got a fabulous story to share about how far she’s come in the last 18 months on the Paddison Program. She’s in cold Australia right now. How are you Trinette?

Trinette: Great! Thanks Clint.

Clint: Now let’s let’s do this in the way that I’ve been enjoying doing these recently which is to kind of have a bit of a trailer at the top of the conversation so that people get an idea of what to expect for the rest of the call. Just give us a sort of a very short summary of how far you’ve come in the last 18 months.

Trinette: I can say in the last 18 months I’ve come off all my medication on pain free drug free and full of energy. I started off at the beginning of my journey in 2005 on Prednisone which I was on for about eight months, and then I went straight on to the maximum Methotrexate which is I think 20 or 25 milligrams. And then I came out of remission and I went on my plaquinil and then a few years later I came into remission again and I went on Sulfasalazine. So in all I was on a triple drug therapy for close to 10 years, and I’ve gradually went off first the plaquenil, then the Sulfasalazine and just months ago the methotrexate.

Clint: Well congratulations that is quite the achievement.

Trinette: Yes it’s very exciting. Yeah. I never thought I never thought I’d say that. Yes it’s fantastic.

Clint: And what’s your doctor said throughout this whole process?

Trinette: Well my first, my GP or my rheumatologist?

Clint: Well I stopped seeing my GP after I was seeing my rheumatologist So you know I guess I’m asking about your rheumatologist but if you say your GP as well then yeah his opinion would be interesting.

Trinette: No my GP live in country Queensland now in here a while ago and he’s lovely He’s very plant based orientated himself so he was excited with the results. But my original rheumatologist in 2005 was a dinosaur. He was lovely but he was a European dinosaur. He question me about asking about side effects and you know all the terrible side effects that you get Methotrexate a possible bone cancer and photosensitivity to the sun and all these things. And he basically just said to me just said to me you want to walk?

Clint: Yeah.

Trinette: Do you want to get well? And so I stopped asking him questions he offered no natural therapies, no diet nothing and I listened to him in the beginning you know when my mother was saying do you want to try something natural? I was saying look I just want to walk. I’ll do this, I had him for 10 years and then you know cigar smoking and other issues with him he had to abruptly retire.

Clint: So his health his health caused him to lose his ability to treat patients. Yeah.

Trinette: Yes, basically sent us all a week before my appointment a letter saying that he could no longer practice.

Clint: Wow!

Trinette: And then I found a new rheumatologist who is lovely in Brisbane and she is a female and she knows all about bio and plant based and I’ve been seeing her now for the last year really only seen her twice and once skype appointment and I’m better.

Clint: That’s an absolutely insanely good and unusual story.

Trinette: I know it’s totally the opposite of yours because you have and then you wanted to have children. I just had two beautiful babies six months and two years. And I got it.

Clint: OK. Well not great but I’m just making a quick list of things that we can talk about. I’ve made a list my list so far based on what you’ve given me as little little chunks of discussion. One is the concept of remission. I want to talk about that your GP and rheumatologist I’d like. I’d like if you could actually I mean I don’t think we’re breaching any kind of privacy by basically you know we might go ahead and say who they are so that other people in your part of the world can chase them down especially if your rheumatologist Does Skype calls. They could get in and they learn she could get inundated with Skype calls because one thing that we are completely bereft of in our support community and broader community is rheumatologist who are sympathetic compassionate and supportive of a plant based diet for for healing not because it doesn’t work just because of an unfamiliar arrietty it’s just too too outside of the education and training. So that’s exciting. And I want to talk about also the onset of when you got it because you have very very common for it to happen shortly after giving birth. And we’ll learn more about that. So that’s that’s really really interesting now. So let’s yeah let’s not to step on your story pehaprs before you go before I go on my little rants on these topics. Tell us what. Well now you’re in a wonderful position and in the past I’ve felt that on some discussions we’ve spent too long hearing people’s stories and not not enough valuable information about what can people who are listening learn from you in their own journey. Have you having been through this process. What were some of the more challenging components or what were some of the additional learnings or adjustments you had to make unique to you that people might learn from? some come to mind.

Trinette: Yeah, well I remember a while ago you did a podcast and you were saying you know I can understand anyone the celery and cucumber juice fast wouldn’t work I must have a seriously bad gut do you remember that?

Clint: I will say that all the time. I say that all the time. So you Yeah.

Trinette: I didn’t have a bad gut we’ve all my husband I, always eaten home meals. We don’t go out very much. We got two young children and they eat very well. I think it was just all the sugar, and coffee, and champagne, probably that I detox from. But for two days I had stomach cramps and diarrhoea. And I was so sick and my mum has done many cleanse is said to me Look it’s just you releasing your toxins. Your taste buds will change it’s worth it push through. And that was a really tough. The stringy, celery cucumber Juices. But I did it for two days and I think if I hadn’t have done that I wouldn’t have got that reset. It is so worth it to do that. Two days of that juice fast and after that I never had a craving for coffee or sugar or anything ever again. And I’ve got friends and family on the Paddison program now and I quite often say can we just skip the Juice fast? And I said look you could. But for me that changed my life. It was a total reset of my body doing that I had no cravings for anything ever again.

Clint: Wow! Well that’s something.

Trinette: I’m not. I’m not a veggie-fruit girl, never have been. And suddenly here I am moving down the sweet potato soup. And I want to eat fruit and vegetables all the time I’m eating handfuls of kale. I’m just I just love the crunch of kale.

Clint: Wow!

Trinette: It just reached me and says. ha ha look at you, you have to at this for the rest of your life. I’m like, it’s delicious!

Clint: Well your mum really played a big role for you because your mum has said to you the same things that I would have said to you if I had that proximity with you which is that your body does change its taste buds once it goes through a process where the where the bacteria change. Because what we what you appreciate and what I think is good for our audience to be reminded of is that when we give different sorts of food to the bacteria then the bacteria changes in accordance to what’s going to thrive and what’s going to fade away. If if good bacteria want fibre and resistant starch and that’s what we put in our body then they’re going to do well and pathogenic microbes that don’t do well on those things are going to die off. And you’re going to get that really tough experience that you experience. But this is what I love is when people have a tough time during the cleanse it’s almost for me like such an exciting response because I know they’re going to have massive improvements because they’re so out of whack. Right?

Trinette: And my mom and my mom, my husband, and my kids were just such cheerleaders for me in that first three or four days saying Mom you know you need to do this you need to push through it’s worth it. Y seen I’ve watched your success stories. And I said Yes I know this is a last chance. I can’t keep doing this for 12 years. You know I can’t keep going. And mum just said you know just get through the cleanse get through the toxins once you get eaten solid so you’ll be right. And she was just absolutely right. And of course she’s been on the Paddison Program nearly a year now.

Clint: Wow. Wow that’s so cool. Has your mom experienced health improvements of her own?

Trinette: Yes. Yes she’s got an auto immune disease she has Graves disease. And she also had a hip replacement surgery but she was still getting pain. And when she saw how much improvement I’d made on the Paddison Program she just she just did it and the cleanse was easy for her. And then my mother in law who’s on her third round of breast cancer just her full mastectomy. She’s fully plant based on Paddison Program now for about six months.

Clint: Wow. Well well we know we know outside of whatever we call this particular approach. You know the program as we’ve been describing it is just a unique set of foods that addresses the gut in a specific way and in a specific order and incorporates a specific set of supplements and an exercise emphasis and an alkalizing emphasis. But if we just take away like the little world that we’re in which is the strict version of a plant based diet and we just look at plant based in general we know that the studies support that for cancer and reduction of all diseases in general so so cool to hear that about your mum.

Trinette: She said yes no pain. I mean my mum’s very young and very vibrant and everything but she’s just yeah it’s a whole new lease of life. And my mother in law is loving it and then my sister came back from London after 10 plus years and she saw my mother in law enjoying it and now she’s been on the Paddison Program a few months so, Christmas this year was really easy. Everyone is plant based on the Paddison program we get so excited. Have you tried this? Have you tried that?

Clint: that’s fantastic fantastic. Are you eating from the or are your family members eating from the Optimal Health recipe guide that Melissa put together that isn’t sort of part of the sequence for RA but it’s the way that now Melissa and I eat. I mean there’s a whole recipe book in your materials that you may have not yet noticed. Yeah.

Trinette: It’s like letting go being on it for 16 months now. Like when I started I was asking why am I doing you know when I’m cleansing was this occurring and mum was explaining it to me. And now that I’ve had it so long I used to google rheumatoid arthritis. Now I google plant based. Mcdougal friends on Facebook, I like Ella Woodward Deliciously Ella cookbook she’s completely plant based. So I think we all swap recipes. We all make things. We all you know which almond milk do you like you’re making your own almond milk. So we’ve become quite foodies. And we get that the celery and pineapple and all of a certain foods might work for some people but for me celery and cucumber and fresh tumeric those things are just a no brainer and so easy to whack in the juice in the morning.

Clint: Right. And do you have any problems with the tumeric with bench tops or things. Just be extra careful so that doesn’t stay in your benchtop. Yeah

Trinette: Yeah. It’s just it’s just so yummy and so good energy. I don’t even taste the selling cucumber anymore. I just put tumeric in a little bit of ginger in there. And it’s wonderful. So and my kids drink that and every morning we have a kale and banana and whatever fruit we’ve got smoothie every single morning all of us have a green smoothie.

Clint: Wow. Well that’s going to set you up for your whole day. So like if if people incorporate that into their daily meals or is that as an addition to their daily meals it kind of allows so much more mistakes. You see it’s kind of like you’ve basically paid your insurance for the day in test and then you can make some mistakes and you know you’re covered by your insurance.

Trinette: Now I know that and I know the mcdougle followers don’t like me. I. I know certain people don’t like certain things and they think you shouldn’t pulverize your food or drink it but honestly the kids especially they’re not going to eat a whole bottle of kale. But you put that in and put it in a little bit of pineapple or a little bit of mango which we’ve got so much in Queensland right now. And I don’t know I just think it’s a pretty green and it taste like mango and they drink it. You’re putting kale Sometimes I put in some maca, some Chai seeds. they don’t know. they just drink it.

Trinette: That’s all I got. I’ve got a few friends and family that are testing the waters and I say just start By taking away a little dairy, a little meat. And start of the green smoothie every day replace the cereal and milk. We all used to have. And just have a green smoothie my hubby is about 80 percent. Plant based and he only has green smoothies now.

Clint: OK. Well that’s. He’s on the path. He’s going to get there.

Trinette: But it wasn’t easy Clint. The challenges at the beginning of the program are not easy to eat that way. And there is ridicule and there is a lot of people wanting you to fail. And a lot of people saying oh that’s going to work but certainly not from Luis my rheumatologist she said look there’s a lot of research on the boy home and in years to come we might find that gut bacteria and things do have something to do with the immune diseases. But at the moment I’d be very very nervous to take you off medication completely. Well following this protocol.

Clint: Yeah yeah she wouldn’t have done that unless the evidence was there. So your C reactive protein must have been well below five for her to feel that there was a safety buffer there for you to come off those drugs.

Trinette: The whole time I saw her it was always five a And then when I went and saw her last month I was one.

Clint: OK, y you go. And I actually found that it wasn’t until I got my C reactive protein below one until I felt totally pain free. I found C reactive protein between 1 and 5 which is considered acceptable or normal. I was still experiencing niggles and little bits and pieces just in their little joints like my fingers and and here and there. So I think that it’s good for us both to agree that just because you get to see our crp to normal range doesn’t mean that it’s always a pain free existence.

Trinette: No and the ears are it’s all over the shop but my GP and my rheumatologist both said we follow the CRP more than the ESI you could ever cut on your y could have a bit of a cold coming on and things it’s not the most accurate for us. And given that the last 12 months your CRP he’s been fired and under that’s more indicated to us.

Clint: Yeah especially if in the past your CRP. Was very high sometimes. Yeah. See it’s good as a relative indicator. It’s not so much good as an absolute indicator if you take one person with see up five and the next person would see up five. One could be in a wheelchair and can barely move their arm due to swelling and the other one could be pretty good. And so but but then if the person with see up five then goes from well if either of them. Then change in state you can then use their measurements again compared to the earlier measurements and measure whether or not they’re improving or not. and I think that you know have you do you have records of how bad your how high yours was in the past?

Trinette: I bet my normal ESI was always between 40 and 60 and I know my crp was very high and when I first got sent. To the doctors in 2005 to go and find out what was wrong with me my hands wouldn’t open and my feet were like walking on icicles. My husband was very very worried and I was breastfeeding breastfeeding two babies 22 months old and eight months you know and they sent me for lupus tests. But it came back with 90 plus percent of RA factor.

Clint: Right. Right. Right. Well let’s let’s let’s explore some more ways that we can help listeners right now. So what really sounded beneficial for you was the support network you had in close proximity which was your husband and your kids and your mum. They sounded really really helpful.

Trinette: Yes.

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Clint: What else. What else really helped you. Did you exercise. Were there any other things that you did in addition to what you know the standard process.

Trinette: I did do exercise. We have nine acres of property with horses so that keeps us busy because we moved from the city to the country to get our kids that life. So we have a double This house is a double storey Queenslander. So cleaning is it’s great exercise. but I do do brisk walks. I do go swimming a lot in summer. It’s very hot out here 41 degrees so I go swimming a lot in summer but I think the thing that got me through the hard starts of it and you know pushing on and even when I was in still excruciating pain still and coming off the methotrexate and thinking is it the program is methotrexate you’re always questioning yourself. I stopped researching rheumatoid arthritis and I just kept watching you. I just kept watching your stories. I just kept and joe cross. I love Joe cross from nearly did. So both of you so inspiring seeing your smiling face watched videos. That got me through bur also clint. I have a son with autism and I got diagnosed with autism when he was eight months old with rheumatoid and when he was eight months old and he got diagnosed with autism at four. So within two years our whole family changed. You know we went from a young 30 something couple with two beautiful kids to suddenly. My wife’s got a debilitating disease and I’ve been told her lifespan will be short and she’s going to be on cancer drugs having to abrupt wean her babies which I did. And then my son wasn’t talking until he was four and he got diagnosed with autism. And now it was a huge huge journey. Again going to psychologists who are exactly like rheumatologists and say He’ll never talk he’ll never love you. He’ll never. Do anything. Put him in a home. Focus on your daughter who’s fine.

Clint: Seriously you seriously said that?

Trinette: I got it in a transcript. I got it in her letter to us. She said He’ll never show us any love. He’ll never be anything. He has autism. So I focused on autism for 10 years. I think I have a ph.d. in it. I’ve met Temple Grandin I’ve met so many of the people that are high up in the autism world. And my sons and Grade 7 at high school this year. Just got up on parade and made a speech about attending a sports day. He sings in the choir. He is so loving and so beautiful that pushing for him and doing that really gave me the courage and strength for the Paddison Program because if I’d stayed on those drugs and I kept doing that my lifespan would have been incredibly shortend and I had no energy for him. It’s Mummy it’s medicine day. And I’m just going to go to bed. She feels like a zombie because she’s on methotrexate and she’s going to film it in 10 years. I thought no. They’re teenagers now. It’s time to do something. And if we can fight for him and he got results then it’s time to fight for me and get results so we can be a family again and just not having that metallic taste in my mouth. being able walk and what you say in your 20s. I didn’t have that. Ever have that come down either. I just always felt brain fold. Yeah. And don’t caramel lattes and just got through the day. Now I get out have green smoothies, go fora walk go saddle my horses just take my kids to school and we’re in a country supermarket go out. See my customers talk to them. We have a lot of plant based products in our stores so I think I had a lot of inspiration from my son’s journey with autism. So this journey was Plant based and I thought Come on if this is a kid that can do that and fight through all the sensory and anxiety and everything to get to where he is then I can do it. and I have got a husband. I’ve been with my partner for 20 years. And. He just was such a cheerleader when I came off the drugs. I think he cried like he cried when i gave birth like he cried when I was diagnosed. And I think when I rang him in from Brisbane and said Honey I’m off the drugs that he was quiet and I said are you crying he said no no no. But I think he was because he said he did it babe. you gotta buy something nice. And I said thank you. And that you know. That makes it all worthwhile. And to come home and have my son saying is mummy all better and me saying Mummy’s all better babe it she’s not she’s all better. That was just so it and let’s get me a high five my teenage daughter and said Mum you are so cool I said Thank you. and Anywhere we go now she gets a little kick out of saying No mum can have that she’s vegan. My mum’s a vegan

Clint: Vegan? that is just wonderful.

Clint: My little three now feel the angelena you just met before you started recording. She’s hilarious. She’ll get offered something better at a kids parties will turn to me and say Daddy is this vegan? Look honey I’m not sure. So you know it’s just she she has this strict kind of like rules. Now she hears us talking about it so you know it’s incredible what the kids did.

Trinette: She’ll watch your podcast on that track,and she’ll go even said then I love her but she’s not having ice cream

Clint: That’s right. That’s right. She did like coconut ice cream bar tonight. You know we’re not crazy strict with her like you know she’s not suffering from a crippling disease with shocking leaky gut and stuck so she’ll have what we have for dinner tonight we have tonight. She had like brown lentils with rice she had avocado fresh avocado and she had sweet potato and potatoes and she had some cantaloupe as my wife calls it which is rockmelon as we and you have to didn’t use all the food and so we gave her a coconut little little coconut kid size ice cream bar you know. So you know that’s that’s what she gets and she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on anything nor is she. She’s only missing out on sickness so she doesn’t get the sicknesses. She’s the most energetic kid of all. She’s a mom you know just that you can’t even fault her. Her health and happiness. So yeah it’s great isn’t it when the kids are on board and everyone.

Trinette: And then the more you do it like they say children learn for example you know everything’s a learned behaviour whether they learn bullying whether they learn this things learned good healthy eating habits and even that my kids are teenagers and I started this later in life it’s kind of good because they see now the changes in it and what it’s doing. And they don’t mind it so much. Saxen can’t have as much as we have because he has his autism sensitivities. But he really does try. He has a fresh Joe cross juice every day and he loves them and I’ll whack in a bit of celery but who doesn’t know him. He has a probiotic every day. And know autism might be linked to the gut. The only time made food.

Trinette: So he won’t eat anything that I haven’t caught. I don’t know why I why.

Clint: I will decide how much of. I don’t expect the answer to be like massive. But but. How much of his improvements do you think have been dietary related or was it just the nurturing and the love and care and the effort that you put in to help his his development. I mean do you think there was a part in that or for people who may know someone with autism. Was it something else?

Trinette: I think her I think is love and trust is the number one thing you love them and they trust you. And then you get through to them. Because for four years he bit and scratched him pinched me and I was trying to tell me I can’t talk. I’m frustrated don’t that food in my mouth and after two years of ABA therapy and interventions that two years of him being taught how to walk and talk and toilet trained and all that. When he finally said you know delicious in the most perfect annunciation and he he speaks in every accent now because he does a thing called echolalia. So he speaks like Peppa Pig and everything is up stepped in the mud. What a very pretty dress. Does all this funny voices and things. When he didn’t I had to trust because I’ve been a nanny my whole life Clint and I love kids and I already had Lily and she was twenty months and she said to me at three like Angelina she’s very switched on. She said Mom speech therapy isn’t working he isn’t talking. Come on. So it’s time to get a diagnosis. And I think if you love them and treat them as my favourite author Elen Notbohm you’ve got to have that book if you’re an autism mom. 10 Things Every child with autism wishes she knew. First and foremost they’re a child. So we have taught him manners. If he’s naughty he gets in trouble if he’s good. He gets rewarded. We have taught him even when he didn’t want to and he put his hands over his ears and hide under a table. He had to come out to social things birthday parties. We loved him like a child. Lilly Loved him like a child. And I think the love and the trust comes. And then the diets just keep it simple. So many of them had sensory issues and that but if you can keep at home cooked.

Clint: Home cooked not process as much point as you can.

Trinette: And much cleaner and much that way and like he doesn’t eat anything crunchy so he doesn’t eat chips or things he doesn’t like the sound of it or the smell of it. He doesn’t eat chocolates or lollies really. He is treat as if a bit of ice cream usually a sorbet actually usually strawberry sorbet he loves his juice. But you know he eats western food as well. But I say with the autism it’s it’s the love and it’s the trust. Don’t be afraid of them. Not everyone is rain man. They’re all different. I have so many friends of kids with autism and they’re all different. And inside they’re all just kids. And every time I meet one of saxon’s teachers and I introduce him and I see that little bit of fear I say you’ve got to let it go because kids are like with autism more like horses they can smell fear And he’ll just have it all over you. Yeah. They treat him like a normal kid. He’s not he goes outside the room for 10 minutes and do that. And. It was the same for me with my plant based. People say punchy no one’s around and you just tend to have a bite of that pizza.I know you love pizza. Come on. So who am I kidding I’m only kidding myself. Yeah. And I don’t know what it’s like to be able to not close your hands. I couldn’t make a fist a year ago. Never been able to make a fist you know and not that’s not a life. And having sex and the way he was that was a life. Now he runs around here both right and he has a life now just because I believed in him. So I think yes family and love for this program and for autism for anything that requires work you know you need a support system. And if you can’t find it in your family then get it out of your family like get on the Paddison Forum get on mcdougle friends get the help support you need because at the end of the day it’s your body and you have to ride it.

Clint: That’s right. We only get one body. And when it breaks down I mean I’ve got some damage I’ve got damage any damage left and right elbow. And that stuff is going to continue to create little niggles for me for the rest of my life. Just it’s just austerity sort of stuff you know. And then war wounds. That’s right. And if I hadn’t have intervened dramatically the way I did then that stuff would have just went on and on and on and I would have massive deformities and I would still have the inflammation and that would still be or I would be on that medication. You know lily pad jumping experience where that doesn’t work and you go there and you go there because the whole time you’re your guts messed up and it can’t tolerate the drug properly. So it doesn’t work properly and the whole thing comes back to our gut and healing on the inside. Just let everything work better not just the digestion of our food but the drugs that we’re on do seem to do better and we are just therefore more likely to get an ideal outcome. So know you’ve got an audience right now. We go out to several thousand people on just the podcast and we’ll probably reach 50000 on Facebook when I promote this. What would be some messages that you would like to share with people what would be here’s your opportunity to reach out to people who are perhaps on the fence or sceptical or I mean what do you feel that the right message to people would be.

Trinette: Just last night a dress rehearsal. You’ve only got this life and you’re not living a full life the way you are right now. You think you are and you take the tablets and you go through your week and you dread your rheumatologist appoinment and I couldn’t sleep the night before. And then I’d be there the whole time having butterflies. And then I believe in it it is either good or bad. That’s not a life. A life is so different if you get this guy. It’s it’s so different. And yes it’s it’s a bit of a change at the beginning. but By gosh. And I have had every woman in town I think say to me what have you done. Your skin is so good. You know your hair is shiny. It’s lost 10 kilos which by the way I didn’t need to do it because I’m quite tolerant in any way. But that’s a bonus what have you done Trinie What have you done. What’s the secret. Oh I you know I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis so I found Clint Paddison and they’re like can we do clint paddison you like like what is it like. He’s better lightweight just. Because this isn’t a diet. This is a program. This is a way of eating. And in the beginning I would say to him I’m on a strict diet I can’t have that I can’t have. My husband would just reframe it. Total inside and not on a diet. It’s a program. You can have rockmelon you can have four or you can have as much potatoes as you want. Stop saying I can’t say I can. And that’s what I recommend people to say let go of the can’t and look at the can’s there so many beautiful feet up so many beautiful recipes you know. And I look at people with their shopping trolleys now and I just think my gosh I was just and with the methotrexate. I was just in another world and other worlds. And I didn’t like being the victim. I did not like people are saying poor you you’ve gota son with autism and youve got this disease So hopefully you’ve got some autism and you put this debilitating disease. I don’t want that. I like when people say to me now my God look at you just skipping around my customers. You’re in Converse now and you’re running around like you’re not with the program what program? Clint Paddison look it up face book Clint Paddison Rheumatoid Arthritis. Right. And they OK aand they come to me track I’m trying that program it’s really not too bad. You know. That’s what I recommend just get through in a few days and do it and at the end of the day so cheap and you’ve got nothing to lose except more days and you don’t have many days especially if you like kids.

Clint: Oh that’s right. That disappears you just you know get through the day and then suddenly it’s another week and months gone by. Yes. Well this has been this has been very very enjoyable to sit and hear your wonderful story. You know this isn’t a game for me. This is this is lives. This is you know you and I have connected in the most unusual manner through basically the Internet isn’t it. The Internet has enabled the sharing of information like never before. And yes there’s no reason why someone can’t go and follow the same process that you went through and no result results vary. We know that some people take longer so many variable factors but I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t do the program in full. Who doesn’t improve. And if there is someone who is very bitter the one in several thousand people is listening to this and says it didn’t work to make it work for me. The reason is there was one of the fundamental Do not do is that they have broken. It’s either that they either don’t or don’t can’t exercise it’s that they are under medicated so the inflammation is so great in their body that that only fasting can pull it down because it’s just so high. So that just under Medicaid or they’re on the wrong drugs they’re on a drug that causes a lot of got inflammation prednisone antibiotics. Or nonsteroidals and inflammatory and it’s just it’s working against them or they they’re just not actually eating the foods that are recommended. And there’s a couple of other couple other ways of failing but normally that covers 95 percent of the people who say it didn’t work because they’re actually not doing it correctly. And then the last 5 percent take it to another level. I had to do Bikram yoga every single day and take maximum dose.

Trinette: That’s why you deserve this. You’ve done the hard yards.

Clint: There was not a day not a moment of easiness in my journey. Was all it was I was the hardest case that I have worked with and I have too much this year.

Trinette: And the other thing maybe that’s not working. for people if they are doing is maybe oils like you said was more in the beginning oils are really so bad for us and refined sugars. Check labels check everything you know. I’ve yet to find in Australia a wrap that I can eat that doesn’t have an oil in it. I don’t have whole foods I don’t have what they have in America but here in Australia. I made my own pizza brace with wholemeal spelt flour because everything has oil and a check for oil. It’s not good for us and the other thing probably is your mindset. You have to know you’re going to succeed you have to see yourself at the end of the journey succeeding. That’s what I did every day. And I see myself going to my rheumatologist and she say you know what trinette let’s just get your methotrexate. And she was even more surprising. My blood test printed out on the table. And I said oh I’m what’s going on here anyway. And she said I think you’re going to want to keep this number. What’s going on. She said Your CRP is one. It’s been four five three one. I think you’re going to want to frame this and I’m going to say something that I know I didn’t say and I said oh my god. Are you proposing to me. She’s like Basically yes. You can come off your medication you don’t have to take. Methotrexate anymore. And the beautiful thing about louisse is she really wanted to know what Methotrexate felt like. And I told her it’s terrible metallic taste all always feeling sick and nauseous and that tummy and taking six or seven tablets a day. It’s like a water bath in your stomach. How did you ever want to continue doing that when you can have a green smoothie and go out in the sunshine.

Clint: That’s a quote.

Trinette: It’s in my tummy rolling around anymore.

Trinette: I don’t feel sick all the time. I don’t. No matter what I ate I always had that metal taste my hair was falling out. Yeah. And I was still in pain. Unlike you I had one little town on my foot that’s completely curled under Yeah. I have one of my feet that’s a bit splayed. There were lines but I’m not running anymore. No more You’ve got to start now. It’s as easy as starting right now. Just start make a start and you can do a little bit at a time I think you really do have to just make a decision. And that’s an idea.

Clint: Well I also agree with that. And you know easing the way into the process which some people recommend for a plant based when they’re not in a rheumatoid situation. I know that Dr. Michael klepper when he spoke at my event in Sydney No I apologize it wasn’t at my event. It was an event the next night that I went and watched him speak out it was to general health general audience where he had a different audience. He spoke about how you might want to slowly transition into plant based. And he talked about the the dramatic shift between if you’re on a really bad western version of the Western diet and then you hit 100 percent plant based. You can really like you know it’s like putting the car from forward to reverse at a high pace it’s just such a change to the system. And he said you know you could ease into it. But what I love above everything else I just love results. I want someone to say oh my God this is like taking a huge dose of pregnant zone. And what I’ve actually done is just eliminate all the crap and do and eat tons of salad and some simple simple foods right. And the effects that they can get. I want a shock factor to wake them up so that they then keep going and easing into it doesn’t give you that sudden sense of there’s hope there’s a future for me at the end of this. And there is a path forward here that I can trust. So that’s why I like the shock factor and the sudden turn on and you know I like detox symptoms you talked about at the start of our conversation. I want people to be you know getting them. And that’s why I say take those days off. Sit at home. The only chance he ever going to get on this program where I don’t want to exercise just sit down watch TV watch TV these gonna feel great after a couple of days and away you go.

Trinette: That’s right. It’s so that every bit of it is worth it and every every family member having tears welled up in their eyes when I tell them I cut off medication. Every family and friends member getting so excited when they saw me for the first time that they hadn’t seen them six months in a paddison program they’re just like Oh my God walking no more meet my only my Birkenstocks now. Now I can wear Converse my shoes again. I don’t feel like icicles and my hands grabbing things. So cigarettes again. You know I could never do that. It’s all gone and I’ll never forget it never forget it because it’s like childbirth not forgotten you’ll never forget it never will. But I would love to prevent my kids getting that disease.

Clint: Well that’s right and that’s that’s the motivator for us all to stay on the straight and narrow. You know I’ve got no desire. First of all to go and eat the foods that we know aren’t helpful for for our health. But at the same time. Why. Why would I want to do that. Why on earth would you go and start playing with fire again when you just got burnt to a crisp and almost died from a huge flame. I mean you would just stay away from matches. And so that’s what I you know I feel repulsed by the concept of going in and testing the waters. You know I’d like to be able to say hey I can go and eat whatever I want. But a I don’t know if that’s true. And b I don’t want to find out I’m happy in my bubble of happiness and pain free and joyful existence.

Trinette: And yeah they do ask you that straight ahead as and as you say so are you cured. Should I say no there’s no such thing as a cure. That’s what.Clint said then there’s no such thing as remission. That’s what doctors tell us. Drugs do to us. And it’s true. I was in remission four or five times and I was at the stage with my old rheumatologist where he was saying I can look in at least 10 years. I think we need to start looking at biologics and that’s when I was like I’m out I’m not doing that. And I was very very very on a rough surface with my rhuematologist to tell us just as it was a question that everything your mind you know I’m still going to follow this drug and it’s making me really sick and all I don’t hear that and I didn’t know that was that side effect. Whereas when i went to louisse I said to her I would do anything. And that’s why I’m doing this. And she said I didn’t know Methotrexate was so terrible Can I prescribe something to take with the nausea. And I said look I’ve tried calcium and I’ve tried at least once before to get rid of the nausea. It doesn’t help you know at the end of the day it just sort of toxic drug.

Clint: Yeah. And it’s a chemotherapy.

Clint: Yeah it’s chemotherapy. So it is. So let’s talk about your I’m sure. People be mad at us if we don’t say who your rheumatologist and GP are so that people can reach out to them even if it’s just a name and a location so they can search for them online. I might go a little further and after we’re done I might get you to email me maybe like the receptionist number or something in case people want to try and get hold of them.

Trinette: Yes so my GP in dolby I live in which is two and a half hours from brisbane an hour from Mt . Is Dr. Kevin Lynch and he is fantastic. Just recently he said so I’m going to show you when I need you to sign this form that I’m taking Methotrexate off your list so that if you’re in a car accident or something happens it no longer says you are on immunosuppressive drugs. Because every time I would go to someone it wasn’t him. They say she’s on an immunosuppressant drug quick. Antibiotics. I don’t think it’s that cold. Oh but you’re on it You got auto immune disease better put you on antibiotics. And he said let’s get that immunosuppressive label off i get the methotrexate. But then in saying that he said unfortunately you’ve got a skin cancer on your head I have to remove a skin cancer on your ear if I have to remove because of all that years of methotrexate and the photosensitivity. And you’re going to have to be really careful from now on. And he knew that I will have to hear him say so. No way rashes in the surf. And he said I’m sorry but years of Methotrexate that’s what it does to your skin you got two skin cancers just the prologed use of it.

Clint: You know there’s so many of the all of these little delicacies all of these you know when you see a list of the side effects of these medications you think you know they probably are just covering themselves from a lawsuit so they list everything. But after talking to so many people for so long about these things one person has one of them every time whether it be you know what you’ve just described from the photosensitivity And of course I had that experience as well. And then you know when they did they put you on antibiotics. It’s a complete mess because then anybody. So when you get the immunosuppressant situation then they put you on the antibiotics because you’ve got something in your immune systems been suppressed. Then the antibiotics do more damage to your gut. And the whole thing is a mess. Taking one step in that direction unless it’s a necessary step not just like a sort of a of a step because you don’t know any better. You know it leads to other consequences.

Paddison Program
Get the Paddison Program

Trinette: And so this is a step by step they take to because I don’t think they know any better.

Clint: So you know no one’s doing anything as nasty.

Trinette: And I have really got to take the antibiotics. The good thing about my older rheumatologist he would say to me if you get a really bad Apple history infection and once I did get pneumonia out here and I rang him on his private mobile. And he spoke to like Kevin Lynch and he said if you get to that stage you come off all Methotrexate that week and even the next week if you need to because you can’t fight that thing on. And I said did you just hear what you said you can’t fight that’s being on that. So when I’m unhealthy I can’t take methotrexate.

Clint: Oh yeah. No one anywhere this year.

Clint: One of our loved and celebrated members Ellen who was on a podcast he did two episodes with us several months ago. She always talks to her doctor when she has a chest infection which isn’t often. And yet the the direction from her doctor to her has been in the past that you got to stop methotrexate for a while because you need to be able to fight and that infection. So you know again that’s just a unique one. One to one conversation and that’s not for everyone to go. Do they need to talk to their doctor. But the point being is that it’s hard to fight when you’ve got one hand tied behind your back isn’t it.

Trinette: And you’ve always said you know we’re taking drugs that make us tired and make us ill to fight a disease that makes us tired and makes us ill. How do you suppose To live. So so this is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. And also they said to me the psychologist said to my husband and I sex and there’s no cure for him. And I saw what causes it and how did he get autism. We have no family history of mental illness or to anywhere. And like how does he get it. We don’t know. How do you cure it. We don’t know. And it was exactly the same conversation two months earlier with my rheumatologist my husband in tears saying is my wife going to have a short life. How did it come about. Perhaps it was having babies so close perhaps it was this perhaps it was she had glandular fever in year 12. And how do we cure this then how well did she have to take these tablets and just have to do this. No there’s no cure. We don’t know what causes it or what cures it. And then two months later we go to the psychologist and they say the same thing about us. And so we said these people don’t know what caused it. They don’t know what cure is. So they’re not going to tell me what path I’m going to take. I don’t know. So I’m going to find my own path. And people in Dobie and some people on the Internet said you should have your own blog about this and help people and shape recipes because I like a lot of them right now.

Clint: Please do.

Trinette: The kids need to.

Clint: Get it going.

Trinette: And I said I really I would really love to blog about this and everything that I would probably blog about autism especially the way it is in Australia at the moment. I really would prefer to spend my energy blogging about autism and there’s so many wonderful things about it and so many things she can do. I don’t see it as a disability it’s a difference. My son will never ever bully anyone. He’ll never swear in never steal and never do anything. Not only is he don’t have an ego so it’s not in his way of thinking to do that but there will be people on the Patterson program that will cheat and they will blame you for it. You’ll never do that. He’ll tell you I’m not boastful. That’s all he is not. Why did he do. My saying must be Cross is something he feels he needs to learn how to calm down. And yet he needs change. He really does.

Clint: I can see that people are going after kids for a long time.

Trinette: Are great kids are amazing. If my son was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis like that beautiful boy you had all that time. That’s the path I went down at that moment Hundred percent. . So I put him on the Patterson program 100 percent. And yeah because look at all the time we’ve spent with our disease and all these adults now with these war wounds I doubt that we’ll have very many.

Clint: No he’s great. We’re going to get him on again soon Christine. I’ve been to see. Yeah. We’ll do an update after a year. It’s been a little more than a year. And I know he’s doing great so it’ll be great to do a recap. All right. Well we could go on forever. And I think that I think that it’s good that we spend a lot of time talking about this because you know in my position sometimes I you know I do I’m not insensitive to the relentless criticism from people who are constantly trying to pull down successes of others and the work that I do because they just don’t want to accept the responsibility to great extent lies with them. And they’ve they’ve tried to make tiny changes to their diet which don’t work. We know that tiny changes don’t work when you’re up against Goliath. You need to make equal and opposite changes as powerful as the disease itself to combat it. And so there’s so much negativity with the disease so many people with the condition are sceptical or or disenchanted with the message I have because they feel that it’s it’s not possible. And so you know we just kind of get this message out there and got to keep encouraging people and and slowly with enough swell from people like yourself who have influenced so many people around them. We can we can make a difference.

Trinette: That’s what I said to my friends and my family are no plans to move to Florida. That’s another rock star that’s left our country. I like Heath Ledger. Nicole Kidman over there. He’s just dealing with the pope is an Australian I don’t believe him. You know so he’ll go to America and they treat him as a god as he should be. Well we just didn’t appreciate him.

Clint: No it’s not true. No. I know that that culture and mentality can exist but no back home I have been invited. I’ve basically spoken at all of the health events that I can in Australia. I’ve done it all. I’ve watched American wife’s American. The only reason we’re here is for my wife’s family. We’re not here. You know what we’re doing is we’re trying to grow our our business here in the States. But we have you know we have retained our Australian roots and and we’ll be here for the moment and we’ll just just see I’ve got lots of speaking jobs lined up over here in the States and and to enjoy seeing some different parts of this country which I’ve never seen before. And meeting a lot of people on this side of the side of the Pacific and.

Trinette: I’m so excited for you. You’re going to have such a great time. It’s like Joe Cross and he comes back to Sydney and then he goes to New York and I think it’s a great great play I think you’ve done absolutely right thing and you’ve already spoken adventurous which is huge.

Clint: Yeah 40000 people a veggie fest and it’s phenomenal I mean to see a turnout of people on that scale also gives me a wakeup as to how big this country is I mean 40000 people that’s like a rock concert and they were all just there to listen to talks about how to get healthier and to eat. And boy did they eat the vegetarian food and it was like Wow. And people were slimmer than the average American group that you see. I mean I looked around at that. What’s different about this group. They’re happy because this is a it’s a festival so people are influenced by the environment but they’re slimmer. You know we look like people look good you know. And people are happy. And that’s that’s that’s not bad if you’re happy and you look good.

Trinette: Yeah I love you because you’re an Aussie and you’re always smiling. No I think it’s the best thing I think you’ll be great and the girls are lovely and then cannot. And I know I’m blessed. I must have missed her family and she’s like my husband she’s been a rock the whole time and now it’s time to celebrate your successes together and be together. When we went to New York for our honeymoon the people were so positive and so happy. So I wish you luck.

Clint: Thank you.

Trinette: I always say to peoplem y program is Australian Clint Paddison is Australian going to this page because you know they assume that all this must be an American thing or some fab thing you got of the Internet. And actually the people that watch are TEDEX talk that’s just that’s just winner the TEDEX talk. Yeah just old straight away.

Clint: A lot of people have told me that it’s kind of the turning point. People have said they’ve watched that particular video and it’s just changed everything for them and that was the start. So you know I try and encourage people to watch that first when they jump on our free mailing list. And you know there’s a whole queue of emails that they then receive and help them for free if they don’t have the means for the small amount of money to do the process in full in the way that it’s laid out. They can still learn so much from that and in the very first e-mail it’s like a first thing you’ve got to do is just watch this just see what I went through so you can see that this this is. This is the real deal. But I just wanted to mention you know you talked about Americans and then we then we should I suppose we should stop chatting. You talk about Americans and where you see this the most in in the receptiveness in the mindset of the American public is as a performer and doing stand up comedy of course that’s something I’ve been doing for a very long time when I’ve performed in the States and I spoke about this with my good friend Joel who was best best man at my wedding and Joel and I’ve been doing comedy for like 17 years side so together and have parallel careers American audiences. When you take the stage doesn’t matter where you’re from in the world they want you to do well. They are behind you you’re you’re already you’re innocent. Right. And you walked on stage and they want you they want you to make them laugh and they’re up for it. They want you to succeed when you’re up on stage in Australia. There’s a there’s a there’s a there’s a sense in the room that everyone has their arms folded and a bit of a frown on their face. Is this guy going to be good or is this going to suck. Right. And they say kind of have this feeling like you have to your guilty until you prove yourself innocent. In Australia on stage. And that’s what’s so nice about whether it’s like a performance over here or a public talk over here is that they Americans are good at supporting other people and it’s something it’s a lesson that we can learn back home and it’s most of the obvious when you walk onto to a lot of enthusiasm to a comedy audience doesn’t matter where you are in the country it’s like that and back home it’s a little bit harder to get the ball rolling once you kick off your set. So anyway we go. We went all over the place in this conversation.

Trinette: Yes. And my rheumatologists. Yes. If you want I’ll write it down. Is Dr. Louisse mccolmac.

Clint: You know what have you emailed her name to me in the past because that does sound familiar.

Clint: Maybe and she’s arthritis care at Upton Park Brisbane arthritis care OK. Can you email me that. What I’ll do is I’ll just actually put links to both your GP Dr. Lynch and also to Dr. mccormack on the show notes of this episode so people can just go. and we will have your episode at the top of the page or they can search for trinette and you will come up and they can. They can watch and read the transcription of this and get the links directly from there. So thanks so much for doing this. I know I’ve been in the dark the whole time so people watching this on YouTube if you’ve made it this far and I look like I’m sort of trying to escape from a some kind of dark kind of environment then I apologize is not the most visually pleasing episode that we’ve done. But I reckon it’s the most uplifting at least. Yeah we’ve got a lot uplifting ones but it’s been fun. Put it that way.

Trinette: And the best that was speaking to angelena about frozen at the beginning and her daddy and wanting her to keep reading because that was your goal Clint that was your goal to have a baby and you’ve got your little girl and you’re so busy reading her story. that we nearly didn’t have this and I think that’s just that’s right at the end know that’s the end of story.

Clint: I I I was telling I was recounting step by step the entire Frozen movie for her during the and. We were so engaged when we got to of course when we got to let it go then I pulled out the fire and I let I watch let it go. And yeah. Now we got to yeah we actually got through the whole thing and that’s what I was doing and I forgot the timing of our of our call. But yes it is certainly a pleasure and no less than once a third child. We’ve got Angel and Ariel and she wants to have a third. And I’m I’m hoping that it’s a boy. But if it’s not it’s meant to be a girl and she will. She like the other two will help us continue this message throughout their lives too.

Trinette: Oh yes definitely. Yes. Cheerleaders.

Clint: Let’s do something else in the future. You’ve got the sort of story and energy and charisma and so forth so I’d like to I’m looking at doing an online kind of like a kind of like a convention or a or a. I forget the right word but basically hold the event online where people come and we have actual guest speakers but those guest speakers will be people like yourself. So I’d like to extend that offer to you if you’d like to do something like that with me down the track and we can make a big event people can for a couple of days just watch talk after Talk to talk. And I think that would be awesome and I think you’d be wonderful at being one of our speakers.

Trinette: thanks clint that will be Wonderful.

Clint: All right. Well you continue just to be happy and healthy. And I look forward to speaking with you down the track about those things and maybe see you next time we come back to Australia.

Clint: All right. One of the things Rusty. Bye Trinnette.


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