October 22

What Is The Plan Today To Reduce Inflammation?

Today, Clint shares one of his strategies on how to reduce inflammation.

What’s the plan?

Good day! It’s Clint Paddison here and my question to you is, what are you going to do today to reduce the inflammation that you have with rheumatoid arthritis?

This should be a crucial question that you ask yourself every day if you have an inflammatory arthritic condition. So I’m not talking about just putting up with the condition or minimizing it with painkillers or trying to ignore it and just move through the day. What are you actually going to schedule at a certain time today with the intent of reducing your disease severity?

So for me, I’m going to be going to the gym at around about 3:15. And I’m going to go there and specifically today I’m going to spend about six or seven minutes going very fast on the stationary bike to get my heart rate up as much as possible because the scientific evidence shows that high interval training, high impact interval training, can reduce inflammation of families personally over many, many years and working with others. And I’m going to work on my grip strength, I really want to be able to in the future, do some more chin-ups again, which is something that I’ve lost for not going to the gym during the COVID period. So I want to improve my grip strength, build really good robust finger joints, and work on my cardio. So there are two things I’ll be working on today.

Let it begin today

So if you schedule it and if you are specific about what you’re going to do, then you can really day by day chip away at the inflammation. Maybe you want to do celery and cucumber juice, maybe you just want to have your first plant-based meal instead of eating an oily, fat, rich, meat-based diet for dinner tonight. Or maybe you want to cut back on alcohol wherever you are on your path to improving your symptoms. Let it begin today, and take an action and schedule it and begin making daily incremental improvements to your lifestyle habits and you will see the corresponding improvements to your inflammation.

Big shout out to Ellen, one of our long term loved members of originally the Paddison Program, which he’s been on for many years. She’s now a member of Rheumatoid Support, our coaching platform. And she has just done, she says 800 Bikram yoga classes are now complete. So that is a huge, huge achievement. So, so many days she’s woken up and said, I am going to go and do Bikram yoga today to specifically target inflammation reduction. And her results have been awesome. She’s been on the Rheumatoid Solutions podcast, you can just Google Ellen or just subscribe to the podcast and find Ellen. You can listen to her story, it’s absolutely inspirational. And that’s what she does, Bikram yoga doesn’t have to be Bikram yoga for you. It could be simple as I said, whatever it is, schedule it, get to it, you can do it. You have the ability to make these changes and they all add up. Go for it, see you in the next video.


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