February 8

Why The Paddison Program Isn’t Free

The Paddison Program isn’t free because:

1) People spend their money regardless. If they don’t buy our Program they will spend it on things that do not help them. They will continually spend money on many useless supplements, useless creams, medicines that may harm them, natural therapies that don’t treat the underlying cause, medical procedures, consultations, counseling and so on.

2) Our Program can reduce medical costs. In one year I spend $14,000 on surgery, hospital stay, Rheumatologist appointments, General Practitioner appointments, continuous passive motion machines, supplements, protein powders, natural therapists (chiropractor, Acupunturist, kinesthiologist). Now the only essential cost I have for my RA management is food! Others spend money on drugs and see them as a compulsory cost. Our Program has consistently and predictably reduced drug costs to users, who often spend several thousand dollars per year on these medications whilst having to manage their side effects.

3) Good customers value an investment. Our endless testimonials are because the users of our Program are dedicated and passionate about their health and about getting results. We don’t want ‘tyre kickers’ because this affects the compliance levels and the results that our users achieve.

4) You get what you pay for. Do you go to a free Rheumatologist? A free naturopath? Do you get your green juices for free? Your juicer for free? Your blender for free?

5) Much of our content is FREE anyway. I create free content in the form of Podcasts, Youtube Videos, Facebook Videos, Email Training, Blog Posts and live chat support on our website.

6) All of the free content, and all of the work we do would not be possible if the Paddison Program was free. Without payment for this work then I could not support a family to support doing this, so I’d do something else, and then nobody would be getting help!

7) Even charities raise money to spend their message (which, in the case of Arthritis, is usually off the mark anyway). Charities usually pay their staff regular corporate salaries to sit at desks and develop fundraising ideas. Typically less than 50% of money raised goes towards the actual cause it’s designed for. In the Paddison Program, money raised by the people who improve on our Program goes towards more podcasts, more free videos, more free emails, more free blog posts and so on.

8) Our Product is awesome. We have NEVER had a customer tell us that it was too expensive or not exceptional value for money. Customers have told us that we have saved their lives. We restore hope. We eliminate pain. We help people in countless ways to have a better existence on this planet. And it takes time to do this.

The income allows us to allocate life’s most precious limited resource towards these endeavours – our time.


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