September 4

Bambi regains her health and happiness with the Paddison Program

We discuss how:

  • About 4 years ago, Bambi started to have severe pain in the ankles
  • Months passed waiting for answer from the hospital, and the arms started to hurt very bad as well
  • Bambi runs a nursery, and working became more and more a struggle
  • Eventually she was diagnosed with RA and started taking methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine
  • There wasn’t much improvement, and side effects were really heavy, with the weaker immune system being a concern for her work
  • After one year, while she started feeling very depressed, she came to know the Paddison Program through a Facebook group
  • She bought a juicer, started the Program and immediately felt an improvement
  • After a short time she was able to get on her knees to talk with children, something she wasn’t doing for years
  • Now Bambi has a plant-based diet, has dropped hydroxychloroquine, reduced methotrexate to a very small amount and doing great!

Clint Today my guest is Bambi and she’s in the UK, she owns a nursery which is a establishment for two to five year old’s and she runs that as her business. But she got diagnosed just under four years ago with rheumatoid arthritis, and so it’s been a really really tough time for her. But she’s got a fantastic story to share with us today, and we’re going to hear about the ups and downs and the challenges but also how she was able to turn around this very very challenging disease. So Bambi thank you for joining me today.

Bambi Thank you, thanks for having me Clint. I’m very happy that I’m finally sharing my story with you, it’s the perfect time you know. So I just wanted to say that my experience so this starts in, it was March 2015 and it was very very similar to your experience. So I kind of got out of bed one day and both my ankles were like immediate pain, and I remember trying to come down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast thinking oh this is painful I must have hurt myself that was my immediate thing. So that kind of went on for the week and things weren’t getting better and I went to the doctors, and the doctor said to me come back in about three weeks. He said maybe you’ve just got some tender joints, it could be that you’ve hurt yourself you know that was that.

Bambi So when I went back things had worsened for me, you know I was struggling, I was taking him one step at a time. You know it was kind of severe when and I went back and he said we’ll do some bloods. So he did the blood, I went back, and he said no, he said there’s nothing wrong. You haven’t got off right. Since we were first off rights it’s not rheumatoid. I wasn’t aware what rheumatoid arthritis was at that point. And he said no, you’re fine, and I remember (inaudible) down like this. And said to me Hey don’t be upset, he said you’re all good. And I said so why can’t I walk? I said to him. So he said look give it a month and come back, so cut long (inaudible) I went back. By the time I went back my arms were found. (inaudible) they were (inaudible). I was in severe pain and as you mentioned Clint I have a nursery school, by that time I was struggling, I was getting into work you know everything was a struggle for me, and I just didn’t know what was wrong.

Bambi So I went back to the GP and he said I’ll do a referral for you. By this time this was we were looking at end of April – May you know. So things got worse but I kind of just got on with it you know I didn’t think you know of anything serious, I didn’t know what I thought. By September I’d called the hospital, and I said look I’m waiting for a referral, I haven’t heard anything, and obviously you know things in the UK NHS appointments on very very slow. You know so you kind of accept that and you carry on. And she said we don’t have a referral for you, she said you know. So I basically slip the net as they say there was no referral, they’d lost it. So then I went back to him, and then he did another one. So we’re looking at winter now by this time work was a struggle, I was quite down, I was very willing to kind of lock up the school and think right my business is over, I can’t do this now. I had the school for about 13 years by then so it was really established. But things were difficult. My my home life, I cared for my husband as well he’s partially blind. So I had all that to deal with as well. So I think I was just riding this horse and trying to get on with it. You know being there for my husband who needed care but also my difficulty.

Bambi So by December 2015, I went private, I can’t do this anymore. and I went private with my husband, I made some blood stuff before he went. And I remember walking in to see this consultant who is now my consultant now NHS, and he looked at me and said take a seat. And he looked at my bloods, and without examining me, he said you’ve got rheumatoid arthritis. And he said, this is the worst one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen. Is that because by that time I was really severe, you know my joints were swollen and everything I was struggling to walk. And I said to him, what’s that? What’s rheumatoid arthritis? What’s the difference? And he said you have an autoimmune disease. He said your immune system is attacking your joints and that’s hence why your body’s inflamed. And he examines me, and he said this is terrible. And he kind of shook his head and said you’ve really slipped the net of the NHS, he said this is awful. And it was funny because we were going to Disneyland, I think two days after and he gave me an injection, the steroids injection. And he said, you know I will make sure that you come and see me (inaudible). And that injection just got me through the holiday, it was amazing, it was a real lift, you know my mental state. And then it was funny because that was 22nd of December 2015, and then by January the 6th I’m straight in for an appointment with him. So everything happened very quick which is interesting how you know it can be done.

Bambi So I saw him there and he gave me scans on my joints and all of that, all examinations, x rays. And then said which is very similar to when I heard your story Clint about you know we’re going to put your methotrexate and this is based and it’s going to do this, and it was like I’ll see you later. And I remember feeling really scared about it all but I was also very desperate, you know I had a business run, I had to look after my family, there was a lot going on. And you know I went on the methotrexate 25 milligrams, it was a pretty high dose. The hydroxychloroquine

Clint Plaquenil?

Bambi Yes, all of that. I don’t know the equivalent to that actually because hydroxychloroquine. I don’t see that particular medication often on other people’s experiences, so I don’t know of there is an equivalent. But anyway I was on that 200 milligrams a day, so I was on everything basically somewhat. So that started from January 2016 and that just continued, and and it was awful. You know it was the medication, the side effects of the methotrexate. The (inaudible) evenings and then you know struggling to go to work the next day. By Thursday I was back in the room and (inaudible) again, the sick nurse (inaudible) infection after infection. By June 2016 I had neutropenia, so no immunity in my body then saying you have to come to (inaudible) and you know you need to be careful, I work with children. How am I going to be, you know all of that.

Bambi So it was a really really scary journey with all the medication, and knowing that I didn’t want to be on this side. I was very anti medication, you know my children have been you know I’ve been on antibiotics once in their lives. It was anti for us here. So that that was tough, and with the joints things improved slightly but they didn’t, if I had an infection I had flare ups. So in my eyes I was going round in a big circle you know. And then I became quite depressed, my mental state wasn’t good, I was very unhappy, I struggled with with everything. But I was consistent in the running of my home, my children, looking after my husband, all of that was consistent but I wasn’t happy. You know I would referred to the counselling just to deal with this illness that I wasn’t familiar with as well. And you know it just kind of went on, and on. And you know I had a good day, a bad day, but overall I was a never myself. You know the medication was really, I felt it wasn’t helping me, I wasn’t saying wow I can do this, and then I can do this, I was still struggling, nd the chronic pain. Someone once said to me, Bambi your face has been lifted. I didn’t get what they said, and I said what do you mean? And she said to me, you were always in pain, your face said it all you know.

Bambi But anyway so that went on for over a year so we’re looking at like 2017. I was on social media, I was on Facebook, and I’m obviously I’m part of the rheumatoid arthritis page. And somebody had written this was back in May 2017, and someone had written you know is there any diet I can look at to help my pain etc.. And some did written look up Clint Paddison, and that was it there was a link and that was it. So I remember being there with my husband and I kind of clicked on it, and I just remember your blue shirt. Yeah. Because it was a conference it was you know story. And I remember watching it with my husband Bobby. And I was just like, and I could relate to it because it was so similar to me. You know you walking away from them offering you methotrexate and going back because things became so severe when you know. And I remember looking at Bobby and saying Bobby I’ve got to do something about this you know. And it was from then that I researched, and I looked at your podcasts, and I you know the first thing I bought was my juicer, and we immediately started juicing. You know I could (inaudible) a batch of celery and cucumber that we do every day. And (inaudible) does it with me which is great, you know that’s been consistent. And I just started introducing this plant based, I did it very slowly. I didn’t say right, I said I’m vegan, I’m like I said you know. I did it very slowly which was the best thing, I kept the log. So I kept a log of things that I was eating and things you know that you know I was slowly taken away. So the juicing came first, we did the juicing, the detox is there as you had said. And then I just slowly started taking things away from my diet and then bringing in other things into the diet.

Bambi And that’s how I did it, so that kind of went on and immediately I saw a difference in me. And I remember being at the nursery school, you know and normally when the children are looking up at me, I was never able to kind of get down on my knees or crouch any more, I wasn’t able to do that up for years. And I remember all of a sudden, the little girls say Bambi, and I crouched down. So I was eye level with he saying, what’s the matter darling? And she was talking to me. And I remember looking down thinking, I just crouched down with no pain, with nothing, and I looked, and I thought Oh goodness me. And I was then able to get back on the floor with them and cross my legs and see things. Things that people would not appreciate but things for me with my work was so tough. And you know my physical thing was great, I was able to do that and that was immediate. And I remember in July of that year Clint, I went to Greece on holiday and my husband was over here, he had flown back. And I video I wish I had to show, and I video they went watch this Bobby, and I ran around that little garden. I ran, I did a couple of laps and I sent it to him. And I remember him saying you’re amazing and it wasn’t you know it was it was a real lift for me, I haven’t done that for years. You know some things had kind of, it was an immediate effect. And the more I thought better, the more you know was some kind of focus.

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Bambi And I remember going to the consultant in September, so the plant based started in it was June 24th. And then by September I’d gone, and my inflammation levels for my tests would zero. OK. And I’ve never had this and this was the nurse the rheumatologist nurse and she said to me I I’d cut down the methotrexate. And she said Why have you done that? And I said because I feel great, and I will do this because why should I be on something that’s not helping me. And she said I need to speak to your consultant. But she was also quite impressed, that was kind of like this, you know that and not tell her that I’m really impressed. And went off and paid but you consultant says carry on, but don’t be dropping off any medication. But you know what you’re doing and we’ll see you in six months. So we’re (inaudible) I carried on and I just got better and better. And my blood results came back normal every time, every time you know. And it’s been so consistent, I have had flare ups in between. I had a car accident back in June last year which caused the flare up. You know the shock of the accident gave me a flare up, but I found that with the flare ups that I was having, I was able to manage better. You know, I was able to you know manage it they didn’t last as long.

Bambi And then I was kind of moving on infections, skin infections that I had on my feet, my fingers. When you know things like that were just kind of moving on so quicker. You know my immunity was stronger, I was recovering from colds quicker, you know everything. You know I’m asthmatic as well so you know I found that I wasn’t on my preventers anymore. You know my check-ups were kind to you know okay, the colds that I had disappeared you know. But what I found that was a I ate something that I shouldn’t have or something was an ingredient then I recognized that straightaway. There was pain, there was slight pain in my hands maybe or especially my left knee so I thought gosh there must have been something in that.

Bambi So and you put something recently about recovering from eating something that you shouldn’t have and I think we need to kind of look at that even more. How to recover from something that you may have eaten. So overall Clint, it kind of has been consistent. And then when I saw my consultant and this was last March 2019, and everything was good and he said to me you will making a big mistake he said, and I said why. He said Because your diet will not be the thing that will make you better, you need the meds. And I said, well the meds are there whenever I need them. I said so you know I’m just going to carry on. And then what happened from then you know, he said to me let’s drop the Hydroxychloroquine. He said this let’s drop that in September, so he dropped it by 100 milligrams and then I went off it in September. Now he said, let’s review you in September and we’ll discuss about dropping the methotrexate. You know since, but then he cancelled the appointment that point was cancelled by NHS, and then the appointment was cancelled by March 2019. So two appointments were cancelled. Now he is said to me we’ll discuss methotrexate in September 2018 and see if we you know we’ll get you off it if we need to. Now two appointments were cancelled but, in the meantime,, I’m plant based, I’m carrying on doing what Dr. Bambi saying, and I’ve cut my methotrexate by a ridiculous amount. I think I was on two and a half milligrams by then. You know.

Bambi So I had a flare up, an infection and chest infection of this year April 20019 that took me a long time to recover from. And then I went and saw the consultant who was not my consultant but someone who was covering for him. June 25th which is two years that I had changed my diet to plant based. And she examines me, and she said, she said what (inaudible) why have you dropped it so much? I said, when a consultant told you he’ll see you in September 2018 and he doesn’t. Then he doesn’t see you in March 2019, then I’m doing what is right for my body. And if I’m well and my bloods had show them that then, what am I doing? And she examines me and she said to me, come off it, come off of everything.

Bambi I just wanted to read you Clint just the letter that I got off to that visit. Okay. And she says, I’ve reviewed Mrs. McKinney’s today, he’s doing very well. She has not had any joint swellings, and an X-ray had shown evidence of osteoarthritis on the knee which you know. She started reducing the dose herself and she was hoping to see the doctor. I understand a couple of appointments have been cancelled. There is no rheumatoid arthritis ratio, no swollen joints, no tender joints, visual analogue score 10 out of 100, CRP 2. And she says at the end, we will see her again in six months all being well she can then be discharged. And I remember her saying to me, come off it, it’s not doing anything for you you know. And she said you your blood is so consistent, and they have been for for two years.

Bambi And I remember, I was actually in shock and I walked out then I got into my car and I actually cried and I cried over. I can’t believe I finally heard them say come off your meds you know. And I remember you know messaging my children and my husband and saying I’ve done it, I’ve done it. And that’s all I could say some I’ve done it. You know so my focus now is that I continue this. You know you get into this routine of your food and everything it becomes very much part of you. And why would I look at a piece of steak and I look at that, and I think that’s pain. Why would I put that in my body? And it’s funny because you know you become so aware with autoimmune diseases when you have one yourself. And you know I remember I have someone a colleague of mine who has been taking methotrexate for 14 years. And I’m like come on you know this but I love me, and I think a lot of people are very challenged by changing diet. So I think it just shows how tough it is but you know I did it. And you know my mindset is clearer, I’m in a good place, I do have pain now and again. But you know I’m able to do this. You know I’m able to run, you know it’s just amazing where I’ve come and you know my husband said to you can do it, you’ve done it. I’m so proud, my children the proud you know.

Bambi I remember you said once Clint, there was something that you said like you know if you’re feeling good, take the stairs don’t take the lift, things like that. And it is about you know programming, you can do this whether you’re in a bit of pain you can do this. And I remember going to the hospital for an appointment and it was the same routine, because I went so often it became kind of my second home initially. And I’d press that elevator, the button to go down. And our screening really good my results were good you know. I went to visit them and I know that will be good and I message do (inaudible). I took the stairs. And it wasn’t just the physical aspect of taking the stairs but just the mind saying you know you can do this, you can fix yourself you know. So I suppose that’s where I at really you know, and we you know we juice, we love juicing and it’s good because the family do it, my husband juices with me. We’ve learned so much from this, and it saddens me you know that, yes we have medication. Medication is here for us and I knew that my consultant was looking at me thinking well you’ve done really well. But it’s like they’re unable to say what you’ve done really well. You know there’s so much, so many I don’t know politics you know that I felt from my experience.

Bambi Well done, and well explained. We really really enjoyed following that journey along that you told so well just then. And let’s not get focused on what we can’t change at the moment which is the medical establishment. Let’s just focus on the things that we can change. We have our power over which is you know we put in our body and how we move our body, and the way we think we can change the way we think. And the example of taking the stairs is a good example of doing that and just having a mindset shift, and maybe we can’t do it every time but where we can we should challenge the body try and get it to respond and we learn new things and we establish new neuro pathways in the brain. Where the brain starts looking for physical challenges as opposed to trying to look for ways to avoid them. All healthy humans are programmed to conserve energy right? If we look at how our society has become, now you can order fast food to be delivered to your house. So not only are you eating food that’s atrocious for you, but now you can have that delivered. And so you’re not even having to walk from your car into the restaurant to pick up the crap, the crap just lands on your lap. So you know it’s the humans that just the desire to avoid energy exertion is insane.

Bambi I just attended the conference called plant stock here in the US and one of the speakers was Dan Buettner who wrote a book called The Blue Zones, and I should get him as a guest on this podcast. And the relevance of why I’m bringing this up, is he talked about longevity and people who live to 100 in the areas around the world where we have the most people living to 100 and there’s four or five places. And one thing they do amongst sort of four or five key consistent things that these communities to live very long time. Is they’re constantly moving, constantly, Okay. So they tend to live on hills slopes and things where they have to walk up a hill just to go in and go to their garden which happens to be another thing. Most of them have some kind of source of locally supplied foods much of which they create themselves small community out in garden. So they constantly moving throughout the day. And so you know the seeking of physical challenge when we’re not constantly moving throughout the days is kind of really important. So tell me this you know the as I as I put myself in the minds of people listening to this, a few questions come to mind. It seems to be that your body was responding really excellently to the change in foods. Did you find that some foods did not work for you and some things completely were not successful at all?

Bambi I think because I had an immediate effect of you know my well being. I didn’t find that anything did and obviously because I kind of took things out slowly. I was able to measure it a little bit more accurately. You know I knew that eggs anything with eggs gave me severe pain. You know the red meat had gone kind of you know I kind of got rid of the red meat very quickly and the fish came later. But the juicing it gave me more energy, it was good for my bowels. It just kind of started off the day really really well, there’s no overeating because you know that’s quite a filling and it’s a really you know good drink. People say oh oh no no no celery, but I mean today I had celery, cucumber, ginger, and garlic in there because I have blood pressure you know. So it’s amazing what you can do. So I don’t think there was anything that didn’t work for me. But I just enjoy it Clint, you know I enjoy and with my cuisine you know my cooking that I do, there’s a lot of plant based and there’s a lot of (inaudible) that we eat lentils you know all of the beans. You know we’re not real meat eaters anyway and neither of the children. So I think it was easier to kind of adapt to that but just bringing in things like quinoa which I never had, and you know I kind of bought some seaweed and thought oh my gosh this is a bit challenging. But just the juicing was the first thing that I found really good.

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But it was just interesting how I had an immediate effect you know being able to kind of get down to the floor to speak to a child on eye level rather than looking down because I just couldn’t get down there, and that was a media you know. So yes, but I think keeping a log was was really good for me. It just helped me and it was like Right yep, and then introduced this. So you know and replace and things like you know with more fiber and more brown rice seeds and all of that and that’s a you know an all yours as well. We don’t really have you know, but we have a lot of being Mediterranean we use a lot of olive oil. It just kind of cutting down and I think what’s been really good is that you know my children and my husband follow, they’re not vegans but you know they’re happy to have plant based meal because it’s no different for them. They might have some chicken one day that might be once twice a week. They’ve adapted really really well and they see how (Inaudible) I am. But in a way it’s like mommy’s back you know. And the support that I’ve had from my family, from my children, my husband you know my friend this has been amazing. If you were to ask me what are the struggles of you know, I think some people who just don’t understand who would say, do you really think it’s because your plant base and not the medication? Well I’m proof that I could put my arms up look, I couldn’t do that before. So yes. Yeah.

Clint Let me see, what are we missing here? We’ve covered the support thing which is crucial and we noticed so that when we’re really struggling we’re trying to do this on our own. And your family is obviously been a ten out of ten tremendous help for you. And if someone is trying to do this on their own and whilst potentially even looking after a child or two on their own or try and run a business and not have any support. I mean it’s just so much more difficult and I would encourage those people to consider our support group which is designed for that exact purpose to offer support and guidance. So we’ve covered that, we’ve covered the diet, your exercise did you really ramp up the exercise?

Bambi The exercise was very slow initially because I used to walk a lot, used to walk the dog. And that kind of immediately stopped, and it stopped for a long long time. And then they did refer me to physio and actually the guy that I used to see, saw me when I was in a really bad way. So that was kind of in the April, then I change you know slight change in the diet. And I had mentioned you to him. And then I was seeing him for almost a year and he couldn’t believe it, and he said Bambi you’re an inspiration to many. And he was the one who said to me you need to get out there you know slowly. Even if you’re in some pain, you’ve got to challenge yourself. So I was doing light walks and walking again. So you know sometimes my husband says was that you coming down the stairs? I’m like yeah wow. Because I don’t realize that it’s so natural now you know that I can kind of go down. But by the time you know when I said that I had those initial pains in the ankles. But by that by four or five weeks on from that I was shuffling down my bottom, it was so severe. You know tough times if I must say.

Clint Yes that’s right. And a lot of people still in those tough times and they listened to or watched this podcast because they want to learn and gather more clues as to the path forward for them and be inspired so let’s speak to those before we wrap up those people in that situation. Put yourself back there, think about what you now know about what you’ve been through. What are some key tips? They could be mindset, it could be nothing to do with diet and exercise or it could be something within those categories. What are the key things that if you had to instruct someone, what would be the key things to do?

Bambi I think from my own experience is the introducing it slowly. Because I think psychologically if you kind of put it in a way, I’m changing my diet I’m going plant based that you might not manage that psychologically. You know so I think you have to introduce it slowly you know. I think keeping a log is always so important because you actually for me, you’re so in touch with your body. So all that time that I was in agony, I did not because I had a (inaudible) in the morning or that I was having a piece of steak. You know all these things that I do obviously made me more unwell. The pain was severe, it was chronic, it was there all the time. So I think being more in touch with your own body by what you eat and you know introducing it slowly.

Bambi I think another thing, is you know we’re all different people here. You know people look at me and say oh I could never do what you’ve done. You find that you know everyone’s got an opinion. You know some would be more encouraging moms say oh no no not for me or what have you. But I think you need to kind of focus on yourself from what you want. You know you want pain free, you’re not going to ever kill yourself but you can have a good life by being pain free by maintaining, I think it’s the maintaining. Of all this people who haven’t got in the nicest way, do see what I mean? They’re opinions, You know you have to really focus on what you want, and received that support from people who really do understand. I mean people seeing how bad I was, my own family my children, you know my mother had to care for my husband. All I wanted was to be better because I have someone I have to look after needs visually impaired. You know that was a challenge for me. My husband actually said Gosh I wish this didn’t happen to you but me like you know it was a really traumatic at the time. I think focus is really key, focus is definitely key.

Clint You can’t go half in with this, especially when you’re in so much pain. I mean I remember when I was trying to write jokes in the morning waking up and sitting at my desk and trying to come up with material. Not only did the last thing on my mind would be to try and you know create humor when I was struggling. And secondly my hand couldn’t hold the pen properly it would hurt. And so I’m thinking what am I doing here? Why am I trying to push forward here when all the signals in my life are that I got to do something enormous to try and stop this. And that just sort of tinkering around the edges here is clearly not working. You kind of a you kind of got to go into maintenance mode with the rest of your life. So it’s not like in your case, it’s not like you don’t show up to work. You show up to work but maybe you don’t take on an expansion project and double your business that year, that’s not the year to do it. That year is the year just to maybe try and hit the same kind of targets and keep everyone happy is what you did last year in maintenance mode, while you focus all your excess energy and trying to get well.

Bambi Is it because I look back now and think I actually went to work, how did I manage that? But I did, and I did because I had to. I had to be focused you know I took loads of painkillers I remember, and I thought no. And you know and I was in such a bad way, I need to just walk away from this business because I can’t. And don’t forget I was on this medication that I would go into work on a Tuesday feeling really poorly. And the exact my energy said I’d come home and sleep all the time. And then by Thursday it was like I’m back here I’m like oh goodness it’s Monday soon and then we go. And how I managed that I don’t know that you do but. And when I had that link and I remember looking up probably thinking, Bobby I’ve got to do something about this I can’t just you know take all this medication it’s not right, and maintaining is important.

Bambi But I think the other thing what I’ve mentioned earlier, was that you know we have to understand that going plant based is not going to be always smooth. There will be hiccups and you know I’ve had flare ups whether I had an infection whether, it was a shock to the system because of an accident but there will be flare ups. I remember thinking, and I was really well and I was on you know I was on the diet and you know everything was good. And I had a hiccup and I had pain and it wasn’t severe pain, but I remember feeling very anxious and in a way I panicked and thought I don’t want this pain anymore, I don’t want this pain anymore. And I think we need to learn to kind of deal with that, that it will happen but it’s how we deal with it. And if you’re so in touch with your body and what you’re doing, then you can get through. I’ve got through a few flare ups you know and I’m back here and even know if I have some pain I’m able to manage it better psychologically, physically. So you become a more stronger with it all definitely. (inaudible) of pain I think what I’m trying to say that if you have a flare up you can get back on that path you know. And also Clint that you know there was a link console (inaudible) way that you know if you have eaten something that you shouldn’t of, that procedure I read that because I was on holiday and I thought goodness you know this is so much more difficult. But going back to the beginning. We go to Greece every year, we brought a juicer and took this juicer with us to Greece. And here we are at the supermarket buying all the stuff from which I mean like we do in here, (inaudible) you can do it, it can be done.

Clint That sort of stuff is happening more and more worldwide as the crew are all bring in there the juicy stuff following this program. Well thank you, and it’s interesting for me as you know from the business point of view we’re just trying to reach more people point of view that someone posted the link and it was that one link that got you to click through. And I just want to make a point that’s interesting and I’ve observed in the last 12 months or so. Sometimes when we stick our neck out, when we put a link on Facebook groups or online forums. We open up ourselves to criticism because other people who like you described earlier the meat eaters or the people who had asked dabbled in a different kind of approach like a kilo or paleo and not had success. And have become very bitter and critical of other people when they changed their diet or want to seek another path. They quickly jump on some comment like that and become very negative and this can be very dissuasive to then in that future possibly a link again. And I’ve actually encouraged my audience to stay away from negative Facebook groups and negative online forums, which is meant as they have done so that now those links are actually more scarce. And so people are not on those platforms because they’re out getting well. And so those platforms have more a higher percentage of people who are either not supportive of the plant-based approach or are unaware of it as more people so. Look if the opportunity arrives, if people are listening to this or watching this please do stick your neck out and just say hey, you might want to try this because whilst there might be a little bit of criticism come your way and say hey that doesn’t work with just because that’s what people like. You might reach someone like Bambi and change their life.

Get the Paddison Program
Get the Paddison Program

Bambi Absolutely I agree. (inaudible) But you know some opinions need to be pushed away you know (inaudible) it can be a little bit like that. But I think for me I believe that you know and I was never on Facebook but I have I’ve acted this page initially to get some advice and a very you know and there was there was this link to you and all I remember is your blue shirt.

Clint Wonderful, well thank you Bambi. This has been very enjoyable and you’ve made my job very easy I’ve sat back and enjoyed listening to you talk and hearing your journey. And it’s been a great way for me to just to spend my morning so far as hearing your story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Bambi I’d also like to say thank you to you and your team because you know the support has been amazing. You know the odd message that I would you know message you, your team. I always got a response back, well done or brilliant and that’s what I encourage and that’s what we need. We need that positiveness to kind of carry on with our journey you know. And so I am very thankful to you Clint. You know and thank you for today.

Clint I’ll pass that on to my team I’ve got two staff and they work out of the Philippines and they’re awesome. So my staff are called Ethel and Joe, and they work very very hard to answer every question that we get into the Help Desk. And of course if someone asked me specifically questions then they can work out a way of responding either via content I’ve created in the past or encouraging them to to come and join and get my help daily in the in the Paddison Program support. But they work very hard and I’m going to let them know that they got a shout out from you because they deserve it.

Bambi Thank you.

Clint Thanks so much. Well have a wonderful rest of your day.

Bambi Thank you, you too. Goodbye. Bye Clint. You very much. Bye.


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