December 28

Bev has fully recovered from RA with the Paddison Program

We discuss how:

– Bev got diagnosed with RA in the middle of her project to go to South Korea for work
– She had very bad symptoms, to the point that it hurt when she was breathing
– She took her first dose of drugs and the side effects were such that she started looking for holistic alternatives right after that
– After three months of research on the internet she found Clint’s TEDx Talk
– After a year on the Paddison Program she was able to shift her fridge out of her apartment and prepare for a trip to Thailand
– Even if she wasn’t 100 percent on the diet, her inflammation has decreased slowly but steadily
– Her mindset was also crucial in succeeding

Clint: Good day! It’s Clint Paddison here just about to share with you the interview that I did with Bev and she has such a passion for her recovery and the story that she has to tell. It’s absolutely sensational that we actually didn’t record an introduction so my little introduction here is to say this is Bev. This story’s amazing. You’re going to love it and let’s get straight into it.

Bev: Hello!

Clint: Good day Bev!

Bev: Hello! Oh my God! Hi! How are you? I’m really overwhelmed and excited.

Clint: Oh fantastic, that’s what we like, energy is good isn’t it. So good and high energy is great.

Bev: It’s been fabulous to meet you.

Clint: You too, you too. Now which country are you in?

Bev: Again sorry.

Clint: Which country are you in at the moment?

Bev: I’m in South Korea

Bev: Ahm. I dropped something. I’m just making a hot drink. I’ve got badge and stone at the moment. I’m actually British but I’m working in South Korea. I speak in English.

Clint: Right.

Bev: When I was (inaudible) I was back in the UK. And just before being diagnosed with RA I was working towards coming out into Asia to teach and then RA hit me and then everything went apart.

Clint: Right, right.

Bev: And I let go of those plans because I stayed focused on healing.

Clint: Yes.

Bev: So yeah, I come in South Korea. I’ve been here a year. I was previously in Thailand for a year and a half. So I’ve been kind of on the mend like okay and well for. I just hit my two year anniversary since leaving the UK. But I mean by the time I left the UK I was shifting fridges in to my car when I was like, you know selling everything. I was full power.

Clint: Fantastic!

Bev: From being old, from being crippled and housebound and being nulled and cold over. At worse it hurt when I was breathing. There was two days I couldn’t get to the bathroom and I woke up in the mornings. I tried to crawl and that was painful and then I hoist myself up days like that was spent in bed. Always covered in inflammation. I knew straightaway there was a link with food. So I started really monitoring what I was eating and I learned very quickly that gluten. Bam would make me go. I learned about the nightshade I could see how inflammatory they were in my system and I gave up a lot of food but no way to the extreme was what I did when I found the Paddison Program that really taught me what I had to do and I made amazing, amazing like improvement very quickly. And I think it took me about six months to drop the oil. And because I think when I drop the oil,I will just flew. You know, that’s when my body was just at its best.

Clint: Yes, yeah I had the same experience, My wife used to put olive oil on my salads every night to make them more palatable because she knew that I responded so well to salads and she wanted me to have as much as possible and she thought that the olive oil would enable me to eat more and more salad because it made it nicer. And first of all I never really digested the oil very well I always found that it sort of set my stomach and I would get kind of indigestive kind of burps like sort of stomach kind of rolling feeling. And the same I used to get from fish oils as well was taking them unbeknownst as to you know the way that I think now. And then when I one day just said to Melissa look I just have to stop putting this oil on I just feel it’s got something to do with the oil. I think maybe one night I made my own salad and I didn’t put it on. I felt better and it was it was one of the big milestone moments is when I stop putting oils on. Did you find just olive oil or other oils as well?

Bev: I dropped all oil. I mean I got to the point where I was living on green juices and I had probably I don’t know maybe up to a liter and a half a day of green juice that half (inaudible) as well and ginger made up of barley grass powder and then celery and cucumber and spinach. So I have like two doze a day. Definitely sometimes up to four. So my daily diet in the end consisted of green juice, sweet potato which I used to steam and then put on a griddle with no oil. That just to quiss them up a bit. You have not with some salad or kimchi which I picked up the recipe off line you did with one of your clients and maybe some time steamed veggii if the weather was cold.

Bev: So I mean I was quite content with that diet and I just made in the end amazing recovery. For me it was about finding foods that comforted me. So yeah I made amazing recovery. But with me I was never able to stay on the diet 100 percent. There was always this pitfalls. I do well for a while I have a relapse I did well for a while I had a relapse. I. Had a couple of months on the forum I couldn’t afford any more than a couple of months I was in quite a situation at the time. So yeah. I think from the point of when the information started with me, it took three months to be diagnosed with RA. And then I was given the meds which I didn’t want to take so I didn’t take them. And I carried on, I spoke to my doctor and said Look I’ve written to the rheumatologist and said to them take me off your records,I never want to hear from you again. I don’t believe in how you treat people, I don’t like your [00:06:22] (inaudible). [0.0] This is not how I want to heal. I believe I can do this in a different way. Don’t even write to me to tell me that you have taken me off your records. I don’t want to hear from you.

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Clint: Now, is this the NHS

Bev: Yes

Clint: I’m speaking out of my knowledge zone. I just hear of the NHS being mentioned in our forum as you talked about in our support groups. I have no personal experience with it but there seems to be some complaints about the system.

Bev: (inaudible) a complaint you can find anywhere in the (inaudible) says there is no cure to this and you just have to take this cancerous drugs for the rest of your life. And for me, it doesn’t work. When my doctor couldn’t diagnose what is wrong with me. My GP he sent me to the specialist center and I could see what was coming up now where it was sort a buried. I would cancel appointments here and there. We were done stalling and researching and trying to find a holistic way out of this. And then finally the day came and I went to the center and they gave me the drugs. I cried all the way home I had to pull over the car. I was distressed. Couldn’t see the road. It was unsafe. All day it comes rough down cried for a while. And then I got home. And I contacted a woman that I knew who was a GP of 13 years, an acupuncturist of 20 years also and I knew her from a personal setting in a loose kind of way. So I emailed her and said Carolyn I’ve been diagnosed with R.A. And today that was probably methotrexate and I don’t want to take this drugs. I’m distress to say the least for having to take these drugs. I’m having acupuncture. I couldn’t get in with her, she was fully booked for months ahead so I had to go elsewhere. So I’m having acupuncture, will it heal me? And she emailed me back immediately and said Bev It be unethical for me to tell you that acupuncture will heal you but what it will do is remind your body where is it actual balance is with the time that you’re having the treatment. She said what I would say to you is be mindful who you surround yourself with. Because I have seen incredible things being achieved by people with have the right mindset. Then, I picked up those drugs I got back in to my car. I went to my local chemist who takes drugs and sends it to Africa. Donates in Africa. I donated them and I came back. And I wrote that very fierce letter to my rheumatologist saying I never want to hear from you again. Don’t even contact me to tell me you’ve taken me off your records, don’t want to know. And then, I contacted in the doctor and said This is what I’ve done. Don’t want the rheumatologist. I’m going to do this my way. And find out how to put it right and he said I bet you won’t. I said Dr.Sormed I will. He said you won’t Bev. I said Dr. Sormed I’ve done this to myself. He said no Bev, its cause is from the environment and your genes, I said no Dr Sormed when we don’t just become ill from the environment like that. I’ve done messed me and I’m going to put it right and we all be back and forth and I wouldn’t let him have the last word. I left his surgery metaphorically skipping because I was determined to find my way out of this and I was not at all disturbed by his narrow view. Because, his the GP (inaudible)

Clint: Sure.

Bev: Then you know,.

Clint: Yeah, certainly.

Bev: That way It took me three months to find the Paddison program because I was looking on the internet not on YouTube and I was doing up to six hours of research a day, reading a (inaudible) reading about this, reading about that. Honestly, I was hit in the same information in the end so what was six hours in research is now down to hour, two hours a day.

Clint: Yeah, Yup,.

Bev: One day I found something new, I found the blog and I don’t know who the blog was by. A year when I tried to go back into my history and try to find it then say thank you to this person but as I was reading through this blog she’s talking about leaky gut and then she mentioned the Paddison program. Well I was like wow, don’t know what that is. This is new and I was literally reading everything I could find. She put a link company took me to your TEDx talk . I was currently a hundred miles from home I was visiting a friend and staying over for a few days and he came back from work and I said Kevin I’m going home in the morning a day early because I found something that I think can help me. My credit card is at home, i need to purchase this book and obviously now my hands were like this, swollen. Like, ugly English sausages (inaudible) and nulled over and I’ve started another degree course at university in September. So I was diagnosed in April with RA. The degree course are coming up, I thought how am I going to do this. I can’t even look after me. But I’ve committed to a few months back. I started the degree course and. I could still research and type because my hands were bent all over this way. So I said to Kevin Rudd I’m going home a day early. And I went home and. It took a while for the books to come through and back in the (inaudible) looked them up the menu. I have to be gluten free now. So I made a gluten-free vegan, Clint within three days my hands opened up! Three days. They had been opened up and I feel like crying. They haven’t been opened for six months. They were nulled over and its distressed mix in my hands. It’s like it dismissed me more on shoulders or my knees although they caused me less problem it was my hands, you know, and after three days I opened out!

Bev: I fell off to day one with tendons letting go. They were bent over but I was pulling. Day two they were half open. Day three. They were open Clint and I thought I’m onto something here. I’m onto something here and my journey began from there. Now I used to have days that were really hard and I’d open up an e-mail that be a podcast that you send and it pick me back. I mean literally I for RA, in the confines of my own home alone, no rheumatologist. A doctor who wouldn’t support me. Armed with that Paddison program, I feel like crying. It’s so emotional you know, It’s such a tough journey. But I did it. I did it alone with the Paddison Program you know. And I talked two Naproxen a day which wasn’t holding down the inflammation at first. I was crawling. There were days lots of days and I’d be on the sofa with my arms popped up with cushions and feet up, just looking at the laptop. Because I couldn’t walk at inflammation in my sort of hip joints my knees. My feet were swollen the date on my shoulders used to go, I couldn’t even do creative things with my hands up, I couldn’t crochet or it was just too much to move the shoulders. And so I’d just watch movies and research. But most days I think my shoulders were fine. I’d have an average about two days in a week might be on crutches because it all got a bit much. And then I used the crutches and my elbows hurt because of the impression my elbows.

Bev: Wow, wow, wow.

Bev: Thank you for what you put out there and thank you for giving back life as I know it because it was whole awful for me. I don’t have a family which I don’t want goin in. Is this the real podcast?

Clint: Sure. We’re rollin.

Bev: Oh my!

Clint: There’s nothing you have said that you wouldn’t want to share.

Bev: I didn’t have any family around me. And I didn’t have a friend to walk to my door for six months because they were all so far away from me. And yeah it was a tough time and if I hadn’t (inaudible) I just stayed up in a horrible space right now. I’d be in a horrible space right now. You know because those drugs make you worse and they don’t tell you that, the rheumatologist. They don’t tell you that you know they start they want to start me in 20 mg. They didn’t tell me that six months down the line you’re going to be on you know Prednisone or you know a steroid or what have you. They don’t tell you these things but they’re happy to tell you that there’s no connection to food because I get a rheumatologist and their assistant. Then I said Is there any link to food with this ailment. And I remember the assistants being very dismissive and saying “no you know people say there is, but there isn’t”. Now I was riddled in inflammation and pain I couldn’t challenge her at the time but I remember thinking. But I’m experiencing a connection with food. I’m seeing a slight change in my inflammation going up and down. I see that (inaudible) means that my body, I see that there are screens at my body and notch by annihilating me like but I was too ill to challenge her so I just thought I do what I need to do. Yeah. I’m. Like I think a year after finding the Paddison program I complete the degree and I was, I’ve got myself a job in Thailand I started to dismantle my home and I literally shifted my fridge from out of my apartment to the courtyard lifted into my car. And I’m getting out at the tip and this man pulled his car and ask me if I need help. I thought well not really but thank you yeah go ahead. But you know from the days when I couldn’t lift up an empty, you know those plastics inners to the bins.

Clint: Yeah.

Bev: I couldn’t lift an empty one of those. And actually it wasn’t the weight of the bin. I just couldn’t lift my own arm up.

Clint: Yeah.

Bev: You know and now I’m lifting a fridge.

Clint: It’s tremendous. Now what happened with the drugs. We know email correspondence before we set this up. You said you’ve been three years since you been off the drugs talk about what you ended up taking if any and those painkillers as well.

Bev: Naproxens, only Naproxens. At the early days when my doctor was trying to help me. At the maximum hoist in dosage inflammatory. He could give was naproxen. Which wasn’t holding down the inflammation then the rheumatologist wants to give me the..

Clint: Methotrexate.

Bev: That’s right. Which I refused and got written off their records. Went back to my doctor can you carry on just prescribing these to me. So I was taking two of those today. That was my maximum dose and God did I want to overdose. I was taken for. I was afraid too I’m not really a druggy kind of person.

Clint: I’ve picked that up.

Bev: I knew a day when I was becoming very reliant on them I remember one day them running low and I couldn’t get in to see the GP because it was fully booked to something and then that he saw a penny oh my God I’m running out of meds. And then I remember when I got a stack of them and I put them in the cupboard and when I put them in a cupboard I tapped them and there was this sense of comfort and reassurance, I’ve got them right now.

Clint: Yeah sure.

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Bev: Woah..and numbbells run for me I’m like I don’t like this, I don’t like this being reliant on these drugs. So anyway like I said I was researching every day, so I carried on 2 pills a day literally like hanging on to my next pill. And then I found the Paddison Program, and then I found because I went gluten free vegan but I was having these pitfalls now and then when I eat something I shouldn’t eat. And in the early days I can honestly say I’ve never been stood in my kitchen, and I must have just eaten something because I clearly can still see myself there. And saying, Bev you can’t seem to go 2 hours without putting something in your mouth that you shouldn’t be eating. But I kept getting back on, getting back on, I never get day Okay just do it from now, do it from now, and honestly 6 months down the line up now go 2 weeks without not eating anything that I shouldn’t. Being 70 on, and 30 off the diet or 80/20, it slowly healed me (inaudible). High on inflammation and just a little bit of health in me, it shifted and (inaudible) in the end you know and I still fall through to my diet that’s why I want to get back onto the forum just to be around like minded people so you can be influenced in the right way. But I really don’t have the reactions that I used to have. If I eat a slice of cheese cake years ago, that will be two weeks of pain for me. (inaudible) food people be eating, and it’s like I see the word, pain (inaudible) 2 minutes to eat, and I’ll get 2 weeks of pain (inaudible).

I slowly slowly healed, and now when I eat something naughty, it’s like I haven’t eaten anything naughty. But I tried soy like bean curd a few weeks ago, but I dadn’t done in like 4 years. Now I knew back then that bean curd was something that was really slow to react with me, but very slow to undo as well. and I was eating it, did I say a couple of months back? It was a couple of weeks ago. I’m thinking this could be bad timing you’re gonna be talking to Clint in 2 weeks. (inaudible) I think it was last week if not 2 weeks ago. Like it took a week, and it took hold I have this chunk of pain in my knee. (inaudible) and it hurt me through the night I’m like, Oh this better not take 2 weeks to go down. And I’ve got meds in the fridge, but I mean I haven’t had them I don’t know how long I’ve lost count in months I’m like no I’m not having them, not having them just Naproxen. So I put some antiinflammatory gel on it and within 2 days it went down, so I know now I can’t eat beancurd. I still struggle with night shade that’s crippled my diet. This ailment, my diet was sort of sometimes vegan sometimes flesh. But I see a huge amount of aubergines, and peppers, and chilli. When I had to eat (inaudible) my diet is crippled. I found it really hard to find like emotional contentment in food. Of course I had to sort of eat everything really plain, I couldn’t even eat fruit, and sugar (inaudible) through. I could manage half an apple in the green juice to take away that (inaudible).

Clint: Oh yeah yeah. So you went hardcore through the process, you started out with the baseline but you add a little bit of apple. Sorry, you started with the 2-day cleanse with this little bit of apple, and then you do the baseline foods all the way through. And you found that you couldn’t even reintroduce fruits, and then occasionally you’d cheat, and then you get back on it and then you cheat here and there and get back on it. But then after a period of time you’re able to get rid of all the inflammation, and now you’re in a situation where you’re still cheating here and there, but the consequences aren’t quite as catastrophic or not even as. But we’re aware that if you do the wrong thing then still the alarm bells go off, and the alarm bells being the inflammation in the body has showed up in your knee when you went and ate some some soy. Well this incredible story. What do you think are some of your personal lessons that you may feel have not been shared on other podcast episodes or that you think were a little unique to you? Things that you would say hey here’s a tip, this is what you need to emphasize or make sure you pay attention to this.

Bev: For me it would be, the diet is what heals because it takes you to all the foods that heal the gut lining. And it takes away the foods that are harming the gut lining. So you got this two way thing going on. Third, it’s the mindset at perceived the diet. And if you haven’t got the mindset you’re going to fall from the diet because I’d say a lot of us, maybe Danny who was vegan you know the other member was a vegan before RA came along. Most of us live on the western diet and somewhere and you give up these foods that are satiated in the fats and the sugars. And I started researching why. Why can I not stop eating them. I know they harm me. Why can I not stop. So I started looking into food addictions and I learned about being hardwired to salt, fat and sugar. We are hardwired for our survival as a species. When we’ve now adapted the Western diet that is drenched in fats and sugars and this and that. When we eat them the brain cells are going: “Yey! we’re surviving, we’ve got what we need” and then when the emotional connection is made to that food, you crave them. So then I started learning about food addictions and why I’m now really craving these foods when I shouldn’t eat because that is harmful to me. So for me it was about understanding why I’m addicted to these foods, why I can’t get off them and then also set in my mind set to being strong so I could keep those mitts on and keep fighting. So I listen to the podcast you send, I’ve listened to your podcast members and with other doctors who, I mean the ones with the doctors. I listen to over and over and over again because they’re loaded with information. You can listen to them 10 times and still pick up on something new. You know, there’s so much to learn from them. I also listen to someone called (inaudible) he’s a (inaudible) who talks about manifesting what you want. And one thing I remember were going back four years now but he had this two hour lecture on how to create perfect telepathic (inaudible). And one of the things I remember strongly he said is if your whole body is riddled in pain and if you only have healthy one little finger now, you concentrate on that. Don’t think about the pain. Think about health… think about help and just draw it to yourself. So for me it was the mindset preceding the diet, that was my challenge. Because hey if the Paddison Program came in a pill, who wouldn’t take it?

Bev: At the end of the day I had to keep saying to myself “you spent years making yourself ill”. you’re not going to switch overnight and it’s going to be a slow process. You know so for me it’s the mindset, the mindset that I had to perceive the diet, I had to get well, I had to keep myself motivated. I was very particular about who I kept around me because I was vulnerable, I was maybe susceptible to people’s negative thoughts about you’re going to be like this all the time or around people who are hill and holding on to that ailment, there are people who hold on to it, they identify with it and I know want that energy around me.

Bev: So I live alone My house was like the Paddison Program environment you know (inaudible) and there was something I couldn’t eat. (inaudible). And he was grateful for them you know. And just got everything out of my house. And six months I’ll be driving home from relatives. (inaudible) Come get this, come get that. No no just go home, go home, it’s safe at home. And I go home shut the door and say I’m safe. No bad food in my house you know.

Bev: So works. The Paddison Program works People have different difficulties depending on how far they are into the RA. What drugs do (inaudible) they want to know these things. But you know I was three months diagnosed with RA, no six months by the time I found the Paddison Program. At worst I wanted to just before I found you I wanted to just fast, stop eating. But I didn’t want to do that at home because I thought I haven’t got anyone coming in. Equally there are some friends I could stay with in Wales which is a few hundred miles from me. I could have stayed with them but then he’d be around there cooking and that wouldn’t work. You know I needed like the setting that was supportive of what I was doing but equally looking after me know it wasn’t that place.

Clint: Yeah, great. So the three things that I picked up then that you said were crucial in your particular circumstance was first of all the mindset. Getting that absolutely dialed in before you began understanding that it’s focusing on healing not focusing on the pain which is so I mean it’s easier to say than what it is to do when the pain is screaming. But yes I used to have a mantra pain free drug free back to massive energy I’d said it all the time picturing myself moving my body freely and fluidly and having energy and just I guess living a normal life. And you also mentioned clearing out the cupboard having everything around your whole house being free from temptation and distractions and surrounding yourself with people who are supportive. The last one is just so important. When I give keynote presentations to companies, I include mindset as one of the main kind of focuses of the talk because whilst my story is interesting to listen to and the images are graphic and you see me struggling and crippled. And then you see me being able to run and then the family and the three kids and stuff and all. It’s a nice story. But no one in corporate settings really cares about rheumatoid arthritis and they don’t know too much about it. So when I start talking about gut health in fact you can see people crossing their arms when they hear about having to eat lots of grains and stuff they don’t want to be lectured to. They just want to be inspired and learn a few things so I spend more time talking about mindset and I tell the story of when I was presenting a conference for a large organization and I introduced this neuroscientist who steps up on stage and his whole talk for his… He did a two hour presentation on achievement and hitting goals. Basically how to achieve everything in life regardless of where and what success looks like and how it comes about. And the most successful people, the most insanely successful people on earth, the number one influencing factor to their success is not where they grew up and not the finances, it’s not how many friends they had or how intelligent they are, it’s the support they had around them. And I just found that absolutely unbelievably crucial to to do everything in life and so if you’ve got people around you who can support you and importantly believe in the same outcome that you do, then it is like an order of magnitude more likely that you will get what you’re after.

Bev: Now I didn’t have a huge amount of that. I have my own in a belief and I have that through the Paddison Program. And I have one friend who lives about 100 miles away who believed I would tell. But like my close friends who lived in Wales, I don’t think they believed I could heal himself through diet. I have friends who I can pick up the phone to and talk with but a lot of it was self driven.

Clint: Well that’s amazing. In one way you know if we just be totally honest here and say like if Im myself included. I just spoke of my family and friends, deep down aside from what they would say out loud. I mean privately and in talking to their husbands and wives without me around they probably also didn’t think that this is going to be doable and so forth so and I know that my sister once said to my dad, my dad since told me my sister said you know that Clint could end up in a wheelchair and they had that conversation and I didn’t know and years later my dad said you know Collette said that you could end up in a wheelchair and that was a bad moment for our family you know.

Clint: And that’s when I was in a terrible way and so at that point it looked like that’s where I was heading and in a fairly short amount of time. So you know even the closest family members may deep down think, well that’s probably a statistical likelihood or what it looks like it’s going to happen. From what we can see. And so if you’re actually got this incredible self belief and you’re not around other people. You know in a way your own little light, that little light inside you wasn’t being shadowed by other people.

Bev: Yeah, they’re supportive of what I was doing, they wouldn’t dismiss. But I knew that they didn’t believe the way I did. I mean I kept saying that you know let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. And before I found you I kept saying I know I can do this with food. I know I can I just need to find a way. I really believe I could heal myself.

Clint: Do you consider this the greatest achievement of your life?

Bev: Yeah! yeah.

Bev: People have told me for years “you’re strong enough” . No I’m not.. My God, when I beat RA I look back and said “Bev, you’re a strong person” and you do have to be strong. You can’t go in with half measures you need to get your meds on, you say Come on you know you need to fight it full on, not sideways, not soft not like one day in one day out. You go in face the beast and you need to hold yourself up to that beast and you need to go for it. And yes this is the greatest achievement and I doubt I’ll ever achieve anything as amazing as that.

Clint: Well I agree. I agree. I mean it’s defying the odds and it’s defying medical science and that’s defying belief. We just talked about everyone’s common belief about this. And at the same time what I can tell is that you also have this humility around it as well. And you know we both know that this is like having a ferocious wild animal as a pet. So you can tame it. You can in some cases like our examples, you can keep the pet at home without sedating it crazily with drugs but let’s not forget that this is a wild animal and its natural instincts are to attack and so we have to be cautious and we have to be respectful and extremely conscious of our behaviours. All this wild animal it’s going to suddenly remember what it’s all about and it’s going to attack again

Bev: After taking out here, I mean I go to the market. Everything is written in Korean, people don’t speak English and I don’t understand when it comes to their health food shops here they look like a jungle that’s been shredded.

Clint: I think on a smaller scale, if I go and visit like I do the traditional Indian and sometimes Korean actually stores around here that sell the real kimchi and though and it does look like it does look like a store where someone has just ordered a thousand boxes from a thousand different locations and thrown them into a warehouse and not really opened them properly or labelled them.

Bev: Yeah . I mean you’ve got stones and stems and box and leaves, i don’t know what these things are. But on this floor, I saw two things once and it had the Latin names for them and one of them was Boswellia Serrata. I didn’t know what that was. Kenko looked up and it’s frankincense. I started looking up what was the healing properties of these and it’s high up there with curcumin. Have you frozen again. No you haven’t. So it is high up there with curcumin. SoI just did a little bit of research on it and it spoke about you know taking it for a period of time it wouls start working. Research has shown that with some people when they stop using it for up to three months it is still working in your system. I started taking that. And then I noticed how when I was having tidbits of food and maybe accumulatively I was reacting. So then I was about and I thought well if the Boswellia is holding back the inflammation, I haven’t looked enough but I think it stops the secretion a certain something that promotes inflammation and I don’t know what that is. And I think that’s how it works. But I got worried and thought if I’m eating foods harming my intestinal system. If the Bosswellia is stopping the inflammation that’s telling me I shouldn’t be eating these. Then I’m not doing myself any favors here. So I start taking the Bosswellia because I won’t see a true and raw reaction to what I’m eating. Do you like this body. Let’s not mask it with Boswelliah because I don’t want to damage that intestinal wall. I want a true reaction of what’s going on. So I start taking it I think it’s been something like two months.

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Clint: Couple of comments around that. Very insightful. I loved the way or at least I like it because I think the same way myself if we talk about something like curcumin. People ask me should I take curcumin because I’m really wanting to minimise my pain. And so a couple of things around that and I’ll tie this back in with what you’ve just spoken about. It’s about consistency. If you’re going to take a supplement each day that offers a pain relief aspect then you don’t take it some days and then not some other days because that influences how you’re interpreting your results with your food reintroductions. So if your third or fourth day you don’t take the curcumin and then you think I don’t quite feel as good. You think I might have been done something I had for dinner last night or it might have been that I added tomatoes yesterday or whatever I said. One thing is regarding consistency. Also I like a really simple, ultra simple healing plan and a healing plan involving the exercise, supplements, medications whatever we want the simplest plan that we can possibly put together. And you know a simple plan would have the fewest amount of additional and extra curricular things other than food and the exercise. So and then the final thing that you mentioned about the Boswells was coincidentally the very first supplement that I was recommended by the first naturopath that I went to see many many years ago so we’re talking now 10 years ago, 10 and a half years ago. And I then went to another naturopath. I saw many and the naturopath and I show the naturopath was the first one recommended and the second naturopath was very old school and the second naturopath said oh you’ve just been given all the trendy most latest recent things that naturopaths obviously young and she just wants to go with all the latest cool things. What you really need is this and we went down a totally different path. I mean yeah you get so many different opinions and. And anyway I took that bus also for a period of time overlapping or at the same time of many many other supplements and so I have no idea whether or not it helped me or not . But I think that if you haven’t noticed anything after a couple of months then it probably wasn’t playing a major role. And let’s take it to the extreme. Would it really prevent you from feeling inflammation if you went and spent the whole day eating tofu. No it would not. So at best and if if we were a radio show and someone just dialed in and they heard me say that they’d be like “What? Tofu is like a worst thing you could possibly eat!”. No. It’s just that you imagine you reacted so badly to it earlier. You’ve got a remarkable story. Bev what’s next for you. Tell us what’s the future look like. Obviously we’re going to spend a lot of time together over the next year we’re about to connect again online in Paddison Program support where we can work together. But you’ll also be helping many other people in a reverse sense as well so I’m sure they’ll be excited when they watch this to know that you’re going to be joining the team. But what else besides that I mean is there other passions and dreams and exciting things.

Bev: Well prior to going on the Paddison Program you know I have this goal of going out to Asia to teach and then when I found the Paddison program it’s like I couldn’t see beyond the ailment. But yeah I believed I would. I believed I would heal but I couldn’t see beyond the ailment. And that was because really I couldn’t give any energy to anything else other than put it into the Paddison Program and heal myself with it. So I’ve healed and I’m kind of on to that next stage. And as for future plans, now I’m here and I’m working and I’m traveling. My future plans hopefully in the next 10 years is just to have my own land somewhere where I can (inaudible) to my own veggies again and my fruit trees and my trees which was the (inaudible)I had before leaving England. So yeah I want my own land maybe somewhere in Europe if (inaudible) with you again. But yeah they’re the long term huge goals for now it’s just travelling and teaching and being free and free spirited and able and just having me back, It’s great. . You know two years ago or three years ago you said what you planned the plans were okay you know let’s do that. Let’s hear this. Let’s go on and travel and teach. I’m kind of steady now doing what I’m doing. But the long term goals are to have some land somewhere. Why? Because I love the outdoors. I’m an outdoor person I love growing my own veggies you. Know outdoor fires I love that sort of thing.

Clint: Awesome! Buy yourself a little packet of seeds, couple of different types of vegetables that you intend to put into that backyard. They’ll keep and let them just sit there on the table every day. You look at them and like that they’re going into my backyard and that helps to start to pull the future into the present and make it happen quicker. You might also want to think of some other creative ways to buy some little knickknacks that will go into that garden maybe a little gnome by yourself a little garden gnome to go into that garden and then you’ve got it ready to go and and these little fun manipulative tools are very powerful, very powerful. You visualise that little backyard. Not I shouldn’t say backyard you might want a one acre plot. What are you planning on?

Bev: Oh it’s a 1 acre plot!

Clint: Yep that’s better. Yeah that’s fantastic. Well I’m sure with the way that you’ve been able to achieve this we talked about the greatest achievement. I think it will be well within your short term future to be able to manifest that as well. So let’s wrap this up with a big thank you for coming on and telling your story. It’s been wonderful to meet you face to face. Thank you so much.

Bev: Thank you. Thank you so much!


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