September 16

How Lani Raced From RA To Great Health

We discuss how:

  • After a period of intense stress Lani got a urinary tract infection
  • After 10 days of antibiotics her hands felt like they were on fire
  • Initial tests for RA went negative, but the pain extended to the wrists and then to the arms, feet and ankles
  • While waiting for more specialized tests, she found the Paddison Program and started doing it.
  • Two weeks later she was diagnosed with RA: the doctor suggested starting with Plaquenil
  • Lani was already feeling better so she decided not to take drugs and continue with the food program.
  • She was still barely able to walk, but she signed anyway for a half-marathon in Hawaii the she had run every year
  • Five months later she actually ran the race and it was her second-best race ever!
  • Lani shares a mindset list that helps her train the mind to deal with RA

ClintSo I have another guest today to talk about her experience withrheumatoid arthritis, her name is Lani which is a beautiful name. Mywife and I have many times have been to Hawaii and one of ourfavorite beaches is Lanikai, which is not on the main touristy pathof Oahu but it’s a little out of the main touristy area and it’s abeautiful beach. And so when I met Lani at Plant Stock, which is aplant based event run by Rip Esselstyn and his family, and I was aspeaker at that and Lani come up to me afterwards and told me abouther transformation with rheumatoid arthritis. I was one taken abackby her beautiful name, and just so inspired by her story which is ashort one in terms of how long she’s had rheumatoid arthritis butit’s also a powerful one. And so I said to Lani, love your name, andby the way can you come on and share your story on one of theepisodes of the Paddison podcast? So thank you Lani for joining metoday.

LaniYes thanks for having me Clint, I’m excited to be here.

ClintThank you. Yeah we had a lovely little chat after mypresentation, you come up to me and you shared your story. And you’reso vibrant you’ve got so much energy, and I wanted to have you reacha bigger audience with what you’ve been able to achieve. Give us thesort of the rundown, you were only diagnosed I think less than a yearago, so maybe about10 months ago. You started to get symptoms Ibelieve in your hands to begin with.

LaniExactly. So my story was that before I even got the rheumatoidarthritis, I was under tremendous stress, my mentally. Well I hadplanned this wonderful vacation and last July of 2018, and I just wasplanning this for months, it’s gonna be perfect. And then when I gotthere my parents started calling me every day, and going you need totransfer one of our properties to somebody else, and you need to dothis, and you need to go to the Japan consulate. I was like, No I’mnot doing that because I had been my parents financial person for thelast five years because they have so many health problems this andthat, they can’t take care of things. So I was taking care ofeverything but they’re calling me every day saying you need to dothis, and that, and I was saying no it’s just the scam, another scam.But then I came home from vacation and I immediately got a urinarytract infection which I had been getting now with a number of timesover the last couple years. And I kept saying Why am I getting these?

LaniSo I kept getting these urinary tract infections and the doctorjust kept telling me, well it’s because of menopause you know. Youjust get these because you know your age you should, if you want tostop but you should go on estrogen or something that I don’t evenlike to take aspirin. I didn’t want to go on estrogen so I’ll justOkay I’ll take the antibiotics though. Just three days after Istarted taking the antibiotics, my hand I woke up in the middle ofthe night with both of my hands just on fire, in the middle of thenight. And I, what’s going on? I’m under all this stress from myparents, I have this UTI, and now my hands I just you know I can’t doit it’s just too much, I need to reduce my stress I’m done. So I justput out of my mind like, I can’t deal with anybody’s stress anymore,I have to just take care of myself and you know heal myself. I got tobe strong or else I can’t help anybody else.

ClintHad you not taken antibiotics a lot in the past or was this adose?

LaniThis was like the sixth time over the last three years.

ClintOh my gosh, there we go.

LaniWere all like a week to 10 days’ worth of antibiotics. So I’msure my gut was a mess, and with the stress and too I’m sure that(inaudible).

ClintYup most definitely.

LaniSo the next week I got really fast, I got into a generalpractitioner and she’s like yeah all the symptoms are rheumatoidarthritis. So let’s just do the blood test and then I’ll refer you tothe rheumatologist. So because my mom has gone to autoimmune diseasesand friends in the family at my (inaudible) my sister and I have beentalking about it when are we going to get that? So I said OK wellmaybe it’s my time but so the rheumatologists did the test, and itwasn’t the rheumatologist it was the general practitioner. She didthe test and then she emailed me and like a week later and said thetest is negative, you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis. And thatwasn’t the end of it, nothing she didn’t say what to do or anythingelse like that. So I’m like Okay, well my hands are still really badI can barely do anything so I’ll just live with it for a while andsee how it goes away. But over the next month I started getting itmore in my wrist, down my arm, and my feet which I dug every day. Myfeet were getting really sore, and my ankles got so sore so I canbarely jog anymore, and I had to start just walking and taking iteasy. And I’m like, oh this is you know this is so painful I got todo something. So I told the General Practitioner again you know Iit’s spreading around now, I got it all in my wrist and hands andfeet. He was like, well you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis, so I’lljust send you to an orthopedic surgeon. So I’m thinking No I don’tneed a surgeon because that’s not it.

ClintThat’s crazy recommendation.

LaniAnd I made up my own mind, I’m just going to find arheumatologist on my own out of insurance and pay for that cash.

ClintI suppose you were familiar with the concept of seeing aspecialist doctor for these kind of conditions if your mom hasautoimmunity.

LaniYes, I’ve taking care of my mom for like five years I’ve beenspending half of the year in Hawaii where she lives and half the yearwhere I live like every two months, they’re two months here. Go withher the doctor’s multiple rheumatologist, and she has a ton ofother problems, blood doctor and heart this and that because she hasa ton of symptoms. So I got the rheumatologist appointment but in themeantime I’m looking up you know what can I do because I can’t runanymore and I really like to run. So I finally I looked up and Ifound your program and I thought how you, I saw your TED talk and Ithought how your knees are so bad and then at the end you could justrun and I’m like oh no way. He’s exactly what I want to do you know Iwant to run again. So I put that in my mind you know once I get thediagnosis I’m gonna look into that program. So I went to arheumatologist and he said yeah everything looks just like zeronegative RA, and my mom had always said, yeah they never could findany tests on me either. I’ve had it for 20 years I’ve had lupus anddifferent autoimmune diseases, and they never could do withbloodwork, they never found the positive part. So I’m like that mustbe it then you know.

LaniSo the rheumatologists said well let’s do this specialized test(inaudible).

ClintA Vectra test?

LaniYeah, that sounds I could think that was it. I can’t remember(inaudible) that sounds like it. So I said OK let’s try that, and sowe took the blood and in the meantime I’m like I’m just going tostart to Paddison Program because I know in my mind this is it. Andso I just buy your program, started in November and then about twoweeks later I went back to see what the test results were. And hesaid yes, you have something going on in your bloodwork that’sshowing me that you have RA. So he said Well you know I want to putyou on Plaquenil I think you should go on Plaquenil. Now by then I’mlike well my feet are already starting to feel better and you knoweverything like that I already improving, (inaudible) I’ve gotten somuch better already. So it’s like well OK well just come in whenyou’re you know if you’re getting more pain but my answer is still inpain a lot. So he’s like take NSAID’s or something to for theinflammation and for the pain but then come back for the Plaquenilwhen you’re ready. So I said OK thanks and I left and I just wentwith your program, I did everything pretty much by the book. And so,oh what I had happen to when I found your running video I had alsogotten an email same time, there was this race that I love to racethis half marathon in Hawaii. I’ve been racing it every year and Igot that and I thought my feet, I can’t even run, I can’t do this. Ireally want to do this, is this gonna be my life? You know it’s likehow I have to live I just have to give up all these things that Ilove. But then I saw your video, and you were running, so I go wellI’m going to do that. So I’m just signing up for the race no matterwhat. I couldn’t even barely walk at that time but I’m signing upanyway because I have hope now, I see Clint running and I’m to do it.So I stopped the rheumatologist stuff, I said I’m gonna just do thefood stuff, and I did it, and then five months later I ran the race.It was my best race in years, I ran faster, I didn’t even have to. Atthe end it was just amazing, I’m like, this is so great, this is soawesome. I can’t even believe the power plants and all this.

ClintThat’s fantastic.

LaniThat was my second-best race ever.

ClintWow. Second best one.

LaniMy second proudest moment because I had just gotten over it. Andthen what I thought was maybe impossible I don’t know.

ClintHow many years ago was the was the fastest you’ve ever run?

LaniWell let me tell you about my first race, the first time I ran,well you have to get older. But when you start (inaudible) middle agelike I am then you start to fall apart and everyone else around youstarts to fall apart. So my sister called me up and said Oh mybrother in law’s got pre diabetes and he wants to exercise to try toget rid of it. So let’s join him and let’s do this marathon. I’mlike, I’ve never ran in my life, I’m 50 years old. I’ve never doneanything, never been athletic, nothing, I’m just like a couch potatoso I had to think of it. So I’ve decided, OK a week later I’m OK I’mgoing to do it you know I’m going to do it for the team. So I got myson to do it too, he was 20, and he was in very good shape either sowe start to do it and we ran down the block, and I could really passtwo houses and then I was tired and I couldn’t. I’m like Oh my God,two houses I have to run a marathon 26 miles but I can do it. Let melet me do all this research so that I research you know how to do it,how to train. And I also research how to, these people that thesenewbies that actually did it and that’s all I got really inspired bythe people that struggled and did it for the first time. That was themost inspiring and like wow they did it you know. So I go OK I can doit, and then we did all this training it was back and forth, it wasvery hard. I mean like oh my god why did I do this so hard I want togive up. But you have to train your mind to be able to do it and thenso I had to observe my thoughts like I had to start controlling mymind. Like OK I’m just gonna try and make it to the next mailbox, youknow I’m just going to try this and that.

LaniSo everybody was saying no no too hard you should give it upbecause sometimes we got injured you know, we got aches and pains.They were like, give it up. I’m like No I said I was going to do it,I’m going to do it I’m going to continue, I’m going to do it for mybrother in law, and I’m going to do it for me. So finally the raceday came and you know my son and I are standing at the line andfireworks going off everything in Hawaii. It started at 5am so it’slike a amazing thing. And then six hours thirty seven minutes latermy proudest moment of my whole life. It was so amazing, and this ishow I got through. Just remembering this is how I got through the RA,how we got through the RA challenge because I remember this amazingthought and all the steps I went through to get through the RA, andthis is what I want to tell your audience.

ClintYeah. I want to see if you can recall or to break those down forus those particular mindsets.

LaniThe first thing I have, you need to do is have your big why, whyare you going to do this. The marathon I had the why, do it for theRA you start with like, OK I’m going to get rid of the pain. butthere’s a bigger why, there’s like OK you know if I keep on goinglike this I’m going to be a burden to my family and you know I’m usedto like taking care of my family going there all the time I have toleave my children at home and go take care of my parents. And I don’twant my kids to go through that, I’m just like I’m not going to makemy kids do that.

LaniSo then start where you are. I started when training for themarathon, I was at so bad so I had to stay. But when I started withthe RA I was in much better shape so just everybody has to start withwhoever they are. And so you’ve got to set these little tiny goalsand you got to believe in yourself like I did the goal and know I’mjust going to get to the next milestone. I’m just going to get to thenext mailbox, but with R.A. I’m just going to get past thisThanksgiving meal or something like that which I really had to do Ihad to do that two weeks after I started the program. I had to getthrough all a huge family gathering, Thanksgiving. So you just haveto set these little milestones and if you can do those, you can getpast it. And you know I just have to get this through this meal, andI have to get through this office thing gathering where there’scupcake, so just set your mind to.

LaniThen you have to learn, this is the most important part. You haveto learn so much, you learn so much on your program and then you haveto expand it. It’s bigger than RA, It’s everything. I startedwatching movies, I love to watch Forks over Knives you know what thehell for all those movies, I’m like oh my gosh it’s not just RA, it’severything. It’s heart disease, it’s diabetes, you can cure it withfood, it’s unbelievable. I’ve been you know my family I got reallymad at first I’m like oh my god my dad had a bypass and had his chestripped open maybe even tell him not to eat or stop eating oil. And mygrandma was blind and in a wheelchair for 10 years and they nevertold her with the fats that get into your muscle next to what blocksthe insulin from working. I’m learning so much, oh I have to telleverybody you know. So keep on learning, there’s so many books outthere. I read The China Study I even did this nutritional of course Igot certified in plant-based nutrition from the T Colin Campbell(inaudible).

ClintFantastic, well done.

LaniI am so into this (inaudible) like OCD but I am so so amazing allthe stuff you’re learning you know and how many people you can affectwith this. So I think another way to learn is through podcasts, Ilike to every time I get in the car listen to a podcast. I’m going tolisten to like nutrition facts Dr. Gregor or (inaudible) by PCRM thePhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. There’s just so manythings you can learn from you know that you don’t have to take thatmuch time. You can learn by podcast the YouTube video whatever. Thenext thing to do with racing is get a team, I had my son race with meand my sister and everything like that. OK. So I’m getting thisknowledge, so I’m getting this team my husband doing me first. He hasthis friend that was started taking testosterone. So I’m like, youknow I heard testosterone is not the cure that’s the system. You knowyou’re just affecting the symptom of erectile dysfunction.(inaudible) Yes. I’m saying.

ClintSo let’s leave, let’s definitely not mention him by name.

LaniDiabetes, heart disease and stuff its fat clogging up your cell,fat clogging up your arteries. Oh I learned this fact that 50 percentof 50 year olds have that and so it’s like oh my gosh they’re sellingall these pills and testosterone Viagra this man when it’s reallyjust diet again. Yes. So he’s like I’m on board. So I helped myfriend by like oh you know I heard you have breast cancer in yourfamily why don’t you read this book How Not To Die you know it’splant based and it shows you how to eat, and how you’re affectingyour body. So I got so excited and telling everyone. So I’m growingmy team and my in-laws who are big Italian family so my mother in lawloves to cook and she wants to know what we can eat. Normal peopledon’t eat this way of salad. So I got her the engine to cookbook andshe’s been trying all these recipes and to just saying wow this isreally good. And you know I love these recipes, I love to cook thisway. They’ve always been healthy so it’s really helpful.

LaniSo grow your team and the next one I have for my running isobserve your thoughts, super important. Whenever I was running and Iwas like OK I want to quit now my legs are, I’m just going to die,I’m so tired. And then I would have to stop myself while I’m runningand I go, No way I’m just making that up my legs can really run. Ithink of it like a devil angel on my shoulder kind of like I’m goingto hear the bad thoughts come first and then I try to talk me out ofdoing whatever I’m doing and then I I have to keep going and thinknow that’s not exactly right. No I don’t have to stop for this fastto (inaudible) right now. No I don’t have to really have this desertbecause my other good angel was saying, no you have the healthy sweetpotato at home you don’t need to eat that you to stay strong, you cando it. You can just eat your salad, your stuff you prepared that’sjust as convenient as this fast food. So observe your thoughts, superimportant and only act on the good ones.

LaniSo my next thing was, don’t listen to naysayers. When I wasrunning I had people saying no no no, and the same thing with RA. Noyou can’t cure it by diet, no you’ve got to eat, no you’re gettingtoo skinny or you’re not getting enough protein, this and that. So Ihad to figure out what’s right, and I’m a doctor and so is my husbandwe’re both optometrists actually, eye doctor. So when we went toschool we know we didn’t learn a thing about nutrition even thoughdiabetes of I is like one of the major contributors to blindness inthe world, we didn’t learn anything about how to treat diabetes youknow we didn’t learn about nutrition. So we know that it’s justdoctors don’t know they don’t learn that stuff. So we have to learnon our own. So we’re like OK we’re learning all this stuff now whenwe went to camp plants back, oh my gosh our minds were blown we dothis ever since then my husband’s been coming home with stories everyday how he’s telling his patients to treat their eyes. OK you’ve gotto eat the vegetables, you’ve got to eat the green leafy vegetable,you’ve got to eat this and that you know. So it’s been reallyamazing.

LaniSo don’t always listen to the doctor, you have to always seewhat’s right. And a lot of times in medical school it’s just treatingto the symptom, treating to pharmacology. That’s what I learned,that’s what doctors learn how to treat the symptom with the drug. Soyou know we can’t blame them it’s just that’s a fact. OK, so the nextthing is OK prepare your fuel for the race, prepare your fuel fordaily life and living with RA, you have to be prepared. I alwaysevery time I do like I cook quinoa, I do the whole bag. I do a wholebag and I freeze the rest, I keep some for the this Week and I freezethe rest or whatever. So I have bags and bags (inaudible), quinoa,lentils all frozen. So whenever I don’t have time I can just whip itout and it’s just defrost, done you know I love it that way. And thenI have to cookbooks I have to simplify, I just you know make somekind of oats for breakfast, some kind of vegetable soup for dinnerespecially at first when you’re just getting used to the diet. Youknow don’t make it too tough on yourself, make it as easy aspossible. OK.

LaniAnd I have learn when I was searching for things like to do forthe eye but good for your whole body. Well everything they alwaystake one part but it’s really your whole body that’s affected byeverything. So eat a variety of vegetables, eat the rainbow they saybecause this fruit might affect this, this might affect that and it’sall different. You want to heal your whole body, you want to behealthy your whole body just how RA affects not just your joints,that can affect your heart, your kidneys, everything else so you wantyour whole body to be healthy. Eat the rainbow.

LaniOK. I never got to tell you the end of the story about themarathon. I finished the marathon and then my son, I looked all overthe place for him at the end. At the beginning we said OK we’re goingto run our own race this is another point in RA, run your own race.So we were there together at the beginning and he just ran off infront of me, so I’m like OK I’m running my own race you know this iswhat I do, I got it. So I finished that began and then I looked allover from I couldn’t find him anywhere. I’m like waiting, we didn’thave cell phones or anything so I’m waiting hours for him. And I’mlike Where is he? So I walked back words of the marathon race andabout a mile away I saw an ambulance and saw them loading somebody inI’m like Oh may God. So I ran over there and looking but it wasn’thim luckily. So I go about half a mile more and I found in his kneeshad gotten totally inflamed, he’s at about mile 11. They were allpuffy and he was just in agony. I’m like Oh my God you didn’t quit.He’s like No I’m finishing and he was out of his mind with pain. Sowhen I walked with him the rest of the race walked back to the finishand he finished eleven hours fifty six minutes later. So this is withRA, mine was quick because I got it right away. But if you didn’t hadRA longer you’re gonna have a longer race. That’s just how it’s goingto be, it’s everybody has to run their own race, it’s not about Ihealed so fast. You know somebody else is going to heal so fast no,doesn’t work that. Everybody has to do it their own way.

ClintThat’s a fantastic summary.

LaniI only use my mindset already to conquer the RA and it workedbeautifully.

ClintAbsolutely. And I also know your first point which is what isthis all about. You know someone did a TED talk about this and thenpublished a book called Start With Why. And the book I don’t know ifyou’ve read the book, Oh it’s a hugely popular mostly in businesscircles marketing, circles the. I should actually know the author’sname, he made it about Apple actually. He talked about Apple as acompany and how they grew and they start with why. You start with whyyou do this one, why we’re in business why. And that’s why I have aposter, I don’t know if you have printed it out. But as part of ouradvance package materials in the Paddison Program you print it out,It’s why I must get well. Do you remember?

LaniBecause I don’t have the advance because I just followed yourstuff and I didn’t you know I had this mindset already.

ClintYou just needed that simple stuff and you’re gonna get well. So Iwrote out a list for myself why I must get well, and I still havethat piece of paper that’s nailed something like 11 years old orsomething. And the why I must get well and I just looked at it.

LaniI do remember it’s scribble out.

ClintIt was scribbled out handwritten, and it was things like becauseI want to be able to have children and the medications just make mefeel so ill. And I want to be able to feel the joy of the breeze inmy face as I run and stuff like that. So these things we can thenapply the pictures in our mind of what these things look like whetherit be having children or whether it be some bushes going past you asyou run whatever and we can picture that. And that’s how the mindresponds doesn’t it? It responds to pictures and images and emotionsbut mostly the pictures and if we could picture something that it canpull that into our life manifest it. So thank you for thatwonderful…

LaniAnd I wanted to tell you well for the last year I don’t haveanymore urinary tract infections, I don’t have any RA pain at all, Igot rid of a bunch of other stuff too. Everybody’s been saying it’sgenetic like I had all these bumps on my arms forever from my dad, mybrother, and I, all had it. So they’re all like, that’s genetic butno they’re gone. I had constipation all the time, now goneeverything’s gone. I’m like wow this is so good, it your whole body.It’s not just one part.

ClintAbsolutely. And which are the foods do you emphasize mostly inyour diet to stay optimally healthy obviously. Yeah we know there’s alot of pseudo grains in our program, there’s a lot of rice, potatoes,it’s a little bit starchy, and a lot of greens and juices. But how doyou emphasize it to get the best results?

LaniRight, I definitely emphasize the top group. And I thought yourprogram was perfectly for me the elimination part of the program wasspot on. Whenever I would try foods in the next group I would have myjoint pain would come back and I would have to go back to the resetfoods, I always go back to the reset foods. I’ve had to go back likea dozen times at least because I kept getting pain every time Istarted with the next food. Like with oatmeal, with beans, and evenother things you wouldn’t think of pineapple pie, papaya. I had to goback to the reset foods, I mostly eat the reset foods now I stillquinoa and I make huge salads of every colour and I eat sweetpotatoes, got to love the sweet potato. So yeah I stay on that a lotbut I can eat almost anything now because I’ve been through the wholething so long.I wait for a couple weeks and then I try a food that Ihaven’t been able to eat before, and almost every time the secondtime I can eat it by then. The only two foods I still never have beenable to eat are the wheat bread and oil well oil and we don’t eatanyway. But I’ve tried a few times and now like at restaurants orsomething and I eat something with oil and that was no it was reallybad.

ClintThat’s a really really bad idea. And you said wheat bread.

LaniWheat bread I’ve tried it four times now and every time, and Ifelt it got kind of worse every time. Like the last time I tried it,It took me four days to get back to no pain where I you know maybewith two days I thought for but I felt like though I don’t even Idon’t want to try this again. But I’m not sure if it’s wheat orgluten or anything because I haven’t tried the other grains like ryethat something.

ClintWell don’t worry too much about it, I mean the wheat bread evenif you did need it for the next two years you can still enjoy otherfoods.

LaniExactly, I have plenty of foods to eat. I mean there’s so manyvegetables out there waiting for me to try. That’s really great. I amamazed with all these cookbooks and you can watch YouTube videos andall these things now.

ClintSo I’m going to put you on the spot, we didn’t talk about thistopic beforehand in terms of our very brief preparation. But we getwe have a lot of people who have dry eyes as a result of either anautoimmune condition.

LaniMy sister had Sjogren’s.

ClintRight, exactly. I mean I’ve got many people inside my supportgroup who have that. Given all that you’ve learnt both in yourprofessional optometry career and now from a dietary side viewpointas well. Would you be able to make any sort of generic suggestions topeople who have dry eyes, Sjogren’s for example what they might beable to to do about it given this new insight that you’ve got in thelast 12 months?

LaniWell you know my sister, I told her about the Paddison Programand she’s following it but she’s not perfect on it with especiallywith the oils, so and sometimes cheating. So I can’t get it exactly,you know but she says it’s definitely helpful for the Sjogren’s andshe has osteoarthritis too, so both. So I would I would definitelyjust stick to your program, I can’t think of anything that would beotherwise.

ClintRight. So you’d know you’ve not found any magic drops for theidea that often relief. No I was hoping there might have been youknow as a bit of that sort of just a flash in the pan kind of thing.I’ve definitely seen consistent improvements for people with thatautoimmune condition with their eye dryness and the amount of dropsthey’ve needed and so forth from the right pain and so the rednessand so on in the eyes.

LaniThat’s good, that’s great.

ClintI thought I’d run that past you. Well I think this has beengreat. I’ve really enjoyed your.

LaniAre you can watch as the game changers?

ClintYeah most definitely. When this comes out, we might be just aboutthe day that that movie runs so that September 16th 2019, which is aswe record this it’s six days away. Definitely gonna watch that, I’mgoing to send out an e-mail also to my mailing list for everyone towatch that as well. So it’s gonna be great.

LaniSo I have this challenge that. OK, I have three kids, they’re intheir mid-20s. They’re all the sad eaters, Standard American Diet. SoI’m like so excited about this now, I gave him a challenge. We’regoing to do a race a 10k and this coming Sunday, and then the nextday I’m going to bring him to the game changers. And then they’regoing to see you know all the athletes that they live on thisplant-based diet. So I’m going to get them all pumped up and theysaid they would do a 45 day full food plant based challenge, and theywould do it all the way up until this next race. We have 45 dayslater this half marathon, so I said OK. Compare the way you feel forthis race and compare you where you feel after, and I bet you’regonna just feel so much better. It’s gonna be unbelievable.

ClintThat’s exciting.

LaniI’m hoping they stick to it.

ClintYou’re running your own little mini trial.

Lani(inaudible) and my son said OK what are you going to do? You’regonna have to post everything on Instagram so to keep us accountableand see what recipes we’re gonna use. So I’m going to try to do that.

ClintOh that’s great, Oh you’re doing so many wonderful things in yourimmediate team, and thank you for reaching my team.

LaniYou’ve just reached so many people through me, through myhusband, and it’s just expanding like and saying.

ClintIt’s wonderful isn’t it. Did he come to plant stock did yousay?

LaniYes he did he went to plant stock. He wasn’t knowing everythingthat I knew before, now he’s just blown away and telling all hispatients all the time just how great it is. You can do all thesethings.

Clint Yeah it’s fantastic. Well if they keep up all thewonderful work that you’re doing, and thank you for sharing, andthank you for your mindset list which is really really helpful. Andfor you know it’s just wonderful to hear this story and speak to youagain this time online and of course the first time when we met inperson. So thanks Lani.

LaniThank you, thanks Clint.


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