August 19

Live Paddison Program Events In The USA

Get Tickets To Anaheim Or Asheville HERE

Clint Paddison is putting on Paddison Program events in the USA over the coming 12 months. The first two locations are Los Angeles and North Carolina. You can book a ticket, or request Clint to come to your state, over at

At events you will learn medication, diet, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation information to minimise your RA symptoms and maximise your health.

Transcription of Podcast:

Paddisons have just got back from Chicago where we attended Veggie Fest. Forty five thousand people attended a two day event which was all vegetarian food and special talks about how our health can be improved with a vegetarian diet. Of course I gave a talk about a completely plant based diet and told my story to about 600 people in the main tent on day 1 and explained how I was able to reverse rheumatoid arthritis symptoms naturally and have been pain free and drug free now for nearly five years and how our family now help people around the world with this condition. And it was great because afterwards I was able to meet some people and connect with some others who had been on the Paddison Program for a long time and dished out some hugs and also guide people in the right direction. And it was so successful I’ve been asked to speak again there next year. So really good. And after I posted information about this online on Facebook I had a lot of people asking questions about what about this state or come to Utah or  come to California or come here, come there and it was a really nice, flattering kind of response on Facebook. So that’s what we’re doing. I am now putting on some of my own Paddison  Program exclusive events and they are going to be open to the public and we have one coming up now scheduled for the 24th of September 2017. That’s going to be at the Business Expo Centre in Anaheim which is in Los Angeles. So if you’re in the southern California area I would love to see you.

And the next event is on the 13th of October. And that’s in North Carolina at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. It is going to be a lot of fun as well. These are going to be two to three hour high level rheumatoid arthritis reversal events. They are also suitable if you have psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s lupus, fibromyalgia or any inflammatory auto immune condition. We are going to be covering the five ways of reducing pain with these conditions. And I’m going to be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each of these particular approaches and the pitfalls because I think that one of the most important things with reversing an inflammatory or autoimmune condition is avoiding the pitfalls that come our way when we make accidental mistakes. And so we’ll be covering medications and which medications we need to be so careful of and how to get off safely. The big ones like your Methotrexate and your Sulfasalazines and things like Humira and Enbrel and what are the strategies associated long term with working with your rheumatologist and hitting the required milestones to get off these kind of medications. We’ll also talk about diet of course and go into all of the finer detail of the Paddison Program. And I’m going to share with you strategies that have been working for members of our support membership. Our support membership is an environment where I coach people. I log in there every day and I work with members on helping them get well and members help each other. And I offer monthly training, live training calls and it is a supportive and healing environment where getting well is the norm.

And so there’s a lot of things in there that I want to share on these live events. I also want to talk about exercise. The variations you might need to have that breakthrough in your yoga whether it be bikram or another and the fors and against that we’re witnessing for swimming and exercise bikes and ellipticals and various things that you can even do at home to get those joints moving and free up those circulating immune complexes that get lodged in the joint. So we’ll cover exercises on elbows and wrists and fingers and ankles and feet and ways that we can really get that inflammation out of those joints. We want to talk about supplements. And I want to emphasize what works and what doesn’t and how we can get too distracted from supplements and put too much faith in those and really focused and double down our efforts on the things that do get results and to save money and time on those that don’t. And of course finally stress reduction. The only other way that we can get pain relief is via clearing our stress out of our life and how we can achieve this without having to spend hours a day meditating and how we can get an improved microbiome and improved digestive system just by lowering the stress in our lives and we can do all that also with some straightforward strategies. So we’re going to cover all of these things and we’re going to have an outstanding session where we’ll have an opportunity to mingle and talk and demonstrate, learn and be inspired. So there are two events. If you would like to come to one of these events it’s very straightforward. The page is So if you’d like to come to one of those events or if you’d like to have me as a speaker at one of your own events go to the same URL or if you would like me to come and put on an event in your area whilst Melissa and I and the kids are over here in the United States, we don’t know how long we’re going to be here. So if you’d like us to come and put on an event near you, then go to If you can’t make these two events don’t worry we will be putting on more events and we will be guided by requests and interests. And also where my wife and I would like to go and spend a little bit of time sightseeing. So hope to see you soon. And if you cannot make these events then please take a look at Paddison Program membership where I can work with you one on one daily and video recordings of all our past events that have been recorded are loaded in there and you can attend my monthly live training calls and review the endless encyclopedia like information that’s posted inside our support membership on how to achieve everything that you need to with regards to reversing inflammatory arthritis naturally. So if you’d like to check that out go to and add yourself to the waiting list so that you can be right there and grab a spot when we open again until next time.


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