August 25

Sitting Cross-legged for Rheumatoid Arthritis – Helpful or Harmful

Sitting cross-legged has surprising benefits. Find out here.

Good day, Clint here with another tip on reversing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms naturally and today I want to talk about sitting cross-legged. So I’m here with my little beautiful 14 month old called Ariel and she’s on the swing and I’m sitting cross-legged down here so that she can swing all the way over the top of me and I can still keep an eye on her. Now previously I thought that sitting cross-legged would be impossible but sitting cross-legged after having knee problems for many years although was a challenge actually turned out to be helpful and healing for the knee joint. For me my left knee this one was the one that was severely affected by rheumatoid arthritis and it was the one that caused me so many problems for so long. So when our first child Angelina who’s currently with mommy, when she required story reading each night I would sit like this and it was very painful because although I’d done a lot of rehabilitation, this position was actually still a bit of a challenge. And so now this position is actually very comfortable for me and I’ve spoken with many people in our support forum about this and they too found that it’s tempting to sit cross-legged for a period of time even if it’s just a small period of time each day. It’s actually beneficial for their sore knees. I think what’s going on is that it stretches the quadricep connective tissue around this part of the knee and also in around here and it’s actually a natural position for the knee to be in and in fact sitting in lotus pose which is where you bring the legs up even further and sit them on each side.

That too is a natural position which certainly little kids have been able to do and can still do easily from childhood and it’s only as we get to an adult age that these things become harder. And so if it’s at all possible try a little bit of sitting cross-legged each night even if it’s just an attempt. And then with time like I experienced I was able to go from just sitting cross-legged and reading the first few pages of the story and then being able to sit you for you know 20, I don’t know 30 minutes potentially in a cross-legged position. So that’s something to try. If you’ve got knee challenges and you also get some story time with the little ones which is an extra bonus.

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