August 20

Roxana’s RA Update – Feels Better Than Ever

We discuss how:

– In 2015 Roxana was diagnosed with very aggressive rheumatoid arthritis
– Doctors proposed her taking heavy drugs and she was very depressed about it
– Her husband found Clint’s TEDx Talk and she started the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis with tremendous results
– Now she’s feeling better than ever without taking any conventional medicine
– She now lives a holistic life centered around a her incredibly healthy diet
– Yoga and other exercise play a key part of her wellbeing
– Her husband and kids give her extra motivation to keep following her lifestyle
– She is inspiring many others!

Clint: Hi it’s Clint here, and my guest today has been on the show before. In fact it’s a real pleasure to invite back on to the show Roxana, and she has graced our show about two years ago. Now the story with her is that she was suffering from Hashimoto’s, and also severely suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She did the Paddison Program and then she had tremendous results and so I encourage you to go back to that episode, it’s around two years ago you’ll find it a and you can search for Roxana and you’ll be able to bring up that episode.

Clint: And so what I wanted to do today is after watching Roxana’s Instagram for the past two years and seeing how tremendously well she’s doing. Is to bring her back onto the show, and show to everyone to say Hey here’s an example of someone who’s done the Paddison Program, who has reversed these very serious conditions, and now has been able to maintain her health after that for a long period of time to show that this is something that we can do long term. So with that I would like to welcome the very vibrant, very chatty and beautiful Roxana back onto the show.

Roxana: Thank you Clint so much. Yes, our last podcast actually was 2 years ago, on 2016. And it was, life is well, fantastic, I was diagnosed on 2015 with very aggressive rheumatoid arthritis, and I was seropositive, and with very high Anti-CCP antibodies. And the doctors conventional medicine wants me to take heavy drugs, and I was depressed, I was really really upset, I was very hopeless. But thanks to you, to your program I could change my life, and it was the best blessing, it was a huge gift from God for me or for my husband who was able to find your program. And then since then my life totally changed, changed for good. I mean, now am very thankful to this disease because he changed the way I think, the way I feel, the way I live. So it’s been 2 years, I’m here, I’m 40 years old, I feel better than ever, I’m not sick anymore. I used to be sick every week for anything you know, headaches, or infections, very chronic sore throat, sinus infections. I mean so many things to name it now but now I don’t get sick for the last three years since I joined the program.

Roxana: And I don’t take any conventional medicine I don’t take Ibuprofen, I don’t take(inaudible), I don’t think anything, everything is natural. I’m living a holistic life, and I’m raising my kids the same way, so they know like (inaudible) and is the only way to cure and to reduce any disease, plant-based. I’m excited to talk about all my changes, what I’m doing, what I’m eating, what supplements I’m taking now. Everything I’m here to share with everybody my journey.

Clint: Awesome, well let me first of all say how good you look. Now, you’re obviously an attractive woman and that has obviously come with genetics. But you’re glowing, you have this glow that’s gotta be influenced by the nutrition, and it has to be influenced by your lifestyle. And I would encourage anyone, it’s early stage of this conversation to whilst we’re even talking go onto Instagram, and to follow your Instagram channel. Now let’s talk about that right away, what’s your Instagram anchor?

Roxana: You can find me in Instagram as fabulosabeatra which is fabulosa like fabulous in Spanish.

Clint: Okay awesome. So when you see when you go onto that Instagram page you’ll see the extent to which Roxana has made health her priority. You’ve got incredible shots of results of your gym workouts, and your off to yoga, and you got your juices and everything. So you really have like some colorful, very inspiring things for people to follow. So I would suggest that definitely everyone jump on and off and follow your Instagram post which is how I’ve been able to be across what you’ve been doing for the last couple of years. Now, talk about your lifestyle, talk about how a day looks in the life for you, just to share with us what you do each day.

Roxana: Well, I started your program on 2015 and there is no way to follow your program if it’s not 100%. You need to follow the program as it is because it is very important. You can’t cheat because all the efforts that you make is gonna you know you won’t get any good results. I followed your program for, I still follow your program actually. I make little changes because I don’t do gluten, I don’t do soy, I don’t do (inaudible). So my diet actually it is more strict somehow for some people, not for me because it’s the way I eat and the way I live. But I don’t do processed foods, basically my diet I would say 98% whole foods and maybe 2% of processed. I mean, I don’t eat from cans or from boxes, or from packages, I like whole foods like, I don’t do night shades either. So that’s the little changes but it seems like (inaudible) but it’s not because you can replace a lot food with different plant foods like so many out there. So it’s easy to replace and find, for example I don’t need potatoes but I can eat (inaudible) which is very delicious. So thing’s like that, like I don’t the bread but I can do oatmeal’s.

Roxana: So I just make changes and for me is not hard anymore because it’s the way I’m eating in the last three years. So for me like if I want anything sweet I bake a sweet potato, and it’s delicious. It’s like sweet and I mean is great for me, and my body doesn’t crave any processed. I can go to parties, I can go anywhere outside, and I don’t feel the pressure. I use to feel like left out like many people is feeling right now. You know you go to a Christmas party or you go to you know any events and then you know standard American diet, you know people eat pizza’s all the time in parties and soda, and ice cream. It’s a celebration because you feel like you are normal, but now I empower myself like feel even better than ever because I have the power to control that and he takes that power. So people see how you can do all you can eat of how you are able to do those scenes he takes a lot of determination, and a lot of type of personality to be a strong and to stick to what you believe. I see food differently now like my relationship with food is different the way, if I see pizza I don’t see real food. I see a piece of bread or whatever with a who knows processed cheese and you know it seems nasty.

Clint: Yeah me too.

Roxana: I don’t wanna eat that, I don’t want to put that in my body because the way God is a temple is just you know, so much self love like I was working all these years. So it’s just that connection with my body is already different so I (inaudible) my body the way, I don’t crave you know any sugar I don’t do any sugar at all, only she was from fruit’s. And then the way I eat now and then I make you know like I post my pictures on Instagram the green smoothies I do, the green juices or what I eat, and to me it’s delicious is the food. like I’ve just read a book Daniel Fast, which is a religious book like Jesus was fasting and it’s the way how Jesus used to fast, how foods are you know the way to bridge your spiritual connection with your mind and everything you know it’s the way I eat (inaudible) basically you know. And then it brings you peace, it brings you energy, it brings you like more clarity, and then different perspective of life. So I eat basically now I used to eat during winters I do a lot of oatmeal and 1 fruit, because it’s summer it’s been so hot here. I do green juices in the morning after a workout. I bring the smoothie and then I feel wonderful and I have to eat anything until 3:00p.m., I have a big meal with rice like any type of Legumes and big salads and I big time to eat now. I take like 2 hours to chew my food properly so my digestion gets much better now. I used to feel bloated all the time even in the beginning of the Paddison Program. And now have that instapot which is you know I use up pressure cooker.

Roxana: You know people worry all the time, you worry about the lectins and legumes, no I don’t eat beans because it doesn’t agree with my body. But if you soak it for 12 hours, even adding baking soda, and the beans (inaudible) difference as far as digestion and breaking down the food and then removing the lectins. You know people has been eating beans for a long long long time you’ll know and then you heard about the blue zones?

Clint: Yes the blue zones, yeah tell us what you’ve learned about that.

Roxana: They eat legumes, they eat grains, they eat vegetables, they eat occasionally probably fish twice a month. But their diet is plant-based. The people who live longest and the healthiest. They don’t have autoimmune you know in any way. So that’s the way I eat now and then I’m just changing a little bit (inaudible), because people also talks about alkaline water. And there’s a lot of controversial about when to drink the alkaline water. I was drinking a lot of alkaline water but now I only drink in the morning and closer to meal time, lunch or dinner. I don’t drink any alkaline because it can dilute the acidity and the ph of the stomach so it can actually can get you sick. So there is something like I learn, (inaudible) my life and I’m sharing this information because that is too much confusion out there.

Clint: Let me jump in there and comment on a couple of those things. First of all if someone has not been exposed to the work done regarding the Blue Zones. Roxana talked about the blue zones, it’s a book that you can buy online, and what it does it covers the research done on the societies of people who live the longest around the world. And it turns out that those societies live off a plant-based diet. But one particular interesting thing about it is they tried to extract meaningful data around which food specifically do they eat that gives them the longest life. And it turns out that it is the legumes, it is lentils, that tend to be associated with the longest living cultures on Earth. And so this is really fascinating when there comes up an argument from the camp of people who try to resist the inevitable need to go to plant based, by holding on to a drowning scenario by hanging onto arguments to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle which contains meat. And that is to say we can’t eat beans, legumes, because they contain these things called lectins. Now the only time any lectins have hurt people is when people have tried to eat beans without properly cooking them. And of course who wants to eat a kidney bean or a black bean without cooking them? You can’t even bite into the thing right? So obviously you have to cook your legumes and the process of softening them you also then can alleviate these lectins which I don’t even encourage people to research because that’s a it’s a moot point. We basically cook our legumes, we get rid of lectins, and they are therefore harmless.

Clint: So that was one thing I just wanted to expand on a little bit that you touched upon. Now there was something else but it just eludes me at a moment I just had, it slipped my mind as I went into more detail on that but it might come back to me in a moment. Okay so it sounds like you’ve got yourself well organized. Tell us about your exercise routines, I want to hear about how big a part of exercise is in your life given that for me it’s always been a crucial part of remaining well I would say you know that at times it’s more than 40%. I say our Paddison Program 60% diet, 40% exercise at times that has to shift the exercise becomes absolutely crucial. Recently I hurt, I reinjured my bad knee on my left side getting up off the floor in my daughter’s room and I’ve had to go to bikram a lot recently to get it back into shape. And so it’s been crucial exercise, and so I just want your input on exercise.

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Roxana: Well exercise that you say is really important for people who has any type of arthritis. Last year I was working so much from October to December I think. I was working a lot and I didn’t (inaudible) that’s my style of exercising. So I gain a little bit weight, but I didn’t feel well, I started feeling like a little joint pain here and there. And then now like I’m exercising again, I’m back to my routine. I feel better if I have a day like I wake up with a sore muscles or legs or arms. I think the biggest mistakes that people make even when they feel sore, they don’t want to move, today I want to rest. What I do, I push myself to go to the gym even if I feel so sore I was silly my mum. And then it’s amazing the power of exercise. So I went biking (inaudible) because my shoulder was maybe I was lifting too much weight, I don’t know. And after an hour I came back home with no pain. So I think exercising is the best anti-inflammatory.

Clint: Yeah I agree. It is amazing, and I consider it absolutely compulsory if someone is inflamed then you have to exercise, we’ve got to move more. We’ve got two things going on, we’re putting stuff into our body and then we have to get that stuff out and it doesn’t just come out through our coal line through our rectum. But the micro nutrients that are being absorbed into our body, the waste products of that have to be removed through our lymphatic system. And it has to be moved we just have to move each day.

Roxana: To take out all the waste, the toxins circulating in the blood. I mean the hormones, everything the lymphatic system they you said. So I will encourage everybody if feel stiffness, you feel pain. Do slow baking or anything with movement and you’re gonna feel better.

Clint: Yeah my knees feeling tremendously better it’s not back to where it was before reinjured at recently, but I’ve been using a stationary bike at the gym, and now I’m just doing occasional Bikram yoga. But the stationary bike at the gym is so helpful for the knees, it was my original go to oscillating between Bikram and the stationary bike. And so yeah I mean we’ve just got to take action, get the body moving, cardiovascular plus weights. Now do you do some weights as well? Do you do cardiovascular and weights?

Roxana: Weights? I don’t lift too much. Because I don’t feel like I need it, but I want (inaudible) my bones are strong you know. People it seems like, oh I have osteoarthritis or an type of arthritis you need to build your bones back. And how? Through movement. It’s how you nourish your bones actually through movement. So is so important, I mean I live and I love the feeling, I love feeling strong in this little body. I have this energy like I don’t know where it’s coming from, and I wasn’t working because you should be working in the weekends just part time jobs. like now (inaudible) pro modeling. So I work with 20 year old here. They said how old are you I say I’m 40 right? But you look so good, so fit, What did you do? (inaudible) a lot of work. Exercising, sleeping well I mean he’s not like you know you have to do the work is not that easy. You know I’ve been doing this for a while. Anyway yesterday I was cleaning toilets, you know cutting the grass, I was cooking, cleaning, dancing salsa in the meantime. No one’s looking at me like what’s wrong with her? No in a good way, in a good way like I think he enjoyed it, seeing me, happy you know with so much energy.

Roxana: Before I was, I don’t want to even move, I didn’t have energy, I was depressed. I had so much (inaudible). Life is so precious It can change, the only person who can change it is you. You’ll know nobody else is going to, you need to take action. You know I’m talking about the people. You know people who listen in this podcast, you can do it. I wasn’t here 3 years ago, I was in a different place. And if I didn’t do what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years you know life would be very different, taking toxic drugs and then pills and other you know drugs for the (inaudible) really get well right? life is better now so much better. And so same for so grateful to you and to the program, to your family. You know I can’t ever say enough.

Clint: Oh thank you. I just get so excited when I hear how you’ve implemented it, because it’s one thing for the information to sit there and be available. But it’s completely different to actually change your life and do it all because we know that it’s hard. I’ve never tried to kind of hide the fact that this is tough right? But when you’re up against a terrible terrible condition or with your scenario you had these two health conditions, you know you need to have a weapon that is equal and opposite to the size of the enemy. And if you’re is a giant auto immune disease or two of them, you need to have a very big weapon. So how difficult is it for you now, if people are thinking about their future and they’re at some stage of this process? Would you say that it’s difficult for you now to maintain this lifestyle or would you say that it’s just quite you know party or habitual day today?

Roxana: I think that the kind of life I have now, it didn’t change over time. It changed little by little, it’s not easy, it’s really difficult to change. But it just takes motivation to do it, do you really want to do it. Because there is so many studies showing that plant based just changing your diet, you can reverse and cure a disease. But it is the answer but the problem is people don’t have enough motivation or really give up and that’s the problem you know. For me it’s easy because I love the way I eat, I don’t think I’m missing anything. What I’m missing is garbage basically. I go out to a bar with my friends and I have more energy than anybody has. I don’t need alcohol, you know I take my (inaudible) drink or my kombucha or whatever. And then I’m dancing, I have energy, who knows really, who is checking on me oh you are not drinking. I mean, I enjoy life in different levels, and I don’t think I mean it’s easy to say that now obviously 3 years ago I didn’t think this way. But everything is possible, it’s just you need to try to do your best. And any small step is going to make a difference. don’t (inaudible) noise, to little to do everything, because every day, every month I was learning new things. I mean I’d be implementing so many things, in the last 3 years (inaudible) my knowledge is like this is huge. It’s already different and I’m starting to learn and you know I want to learn more, every day I wanna learn new (inaudible), and researching new modalities of natural healing.

Roxana: I mean people who are you know it’s funny because when you change your life you will see your true friends right? And the family who supported you. Well I my case I have my husband, my kids will give me the motivation, give me the love to push this style and the difficult times. But in time people move away from you because you don’t drink, you don’t drink like them. So they stop calling you or whatever but you know I think everybody or even the good and the bad people because I think it give me a room to receive more good things, and new relationships, and new friends, and I keep the good ones, the good friends and the good family. It’s funny because a lot of people probably won’t like my posts even in Facebook, but they send me private messages asking me about what I should eat? How do I do these? What if I’m sick? And my kids. You know they want everything, but I want to be you know showing (inaudible) interesting about this way of living you know. So it’s funny I mean but you know nobody is perfect, I still working on my spiritual side. It’s a journey, this type of this way of living is something like I’m going to do forever. You know I don’t (inaudible) one day you want a drink again? I say no I don’t need it, I don’t drink alcohol. I mean some people (inaudible) because they need half some type of good feeling you know maybe their life are not good and they don’t have you know what they need it. And you know addiction of sugar, because they need to feel good about their self for five minutes at least. This thing with alcohol, you drink wine and you feel good about it by the next day you feel bad. (inaudible) your stomach, your head. Anyway so it’s just a fake happiness. I mean I’m very happy the way I live, I think this way of living is something like I couldn’t accomplish if I didn’t have the disease.

Clint: It’s so true.

Roxana: Again this challenge, sometimes I wake up and get a call from God telling you, you have to change your life. I mean the disease is still there, the conditions you know it’s a condition. And I don’t have symptoms and then I don’t focus in on that now. I’m taking it day by day, and focusing on the present, and what it is now, right now. Because what you do now is what counts in the long run. You will see, just focus on today, not in the past, not in the future, just today. So it’s what I do, because I don’t want to get anxious about my future. Because nobody really knows, you can be perfectly healthy but you get in your car and then you have an accident and die. The way is like you need to be present, you know be present in the morning. I mean it takes a lot of time because with 2 kids and you know now your mind goes to so many ways. I take care of my kids, they are my treasure and they are always on my mind it’s complicated sometimes you know like I need to take care of myself, my kids, my husband, my house my work and everything.

Roxana: So what I do is I cook simple things, I mean, I don’t follow recipes. Yes I probably follow recipes, if the recipe has 4 steps. everybody works, everybody has things to do. So you know, rice, beans, (inaudible) avocado, raw onions, in leafy greens. And you have a complete meal. I mean why make it complicated, I just try to eat as simple as I can but with super food. My advice don’t really get into, it can overwhelming.

Clint: Absolutely. Yeah.

Roxana: Just prepare your rice and your beans on Sunday, and you can make tacos, you can make rice and beans and you can add different things on top I mean is what I do actually and it works. I’ve been eating beans every day and sometimes my kids eat beans all the time. It has a lot fiber, it is the best food like anybody can eat because we need fiber is good food for the microbiome or our gut flora. You know this is wonderful, it’s humble it’s so cheap.

Clint: Yes exactly. If the world’s population ate more beans and rice, not only would we get our complete proteins and we would meet our energy requirements for the day. But you know we would save so much of the world’s resources by avoiding use an animal products as food sources and having to farm them and the pollution they create and so on. So yes beans and rice all the way. My wife’s grandfather used to say beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better your feel, so eat your beans at every meal.

Roxana: Toot means the bowel movement, everything you eat needs to go out. (inaudible) causing a lot of trouble. This is a digestive disease, you need to keep the gut clean. And that is m focus, what will make my gut work faster? Beans, and fiber, leafy greens, papaya’s. I do smoothies like green smoothies I used to use one popular brand garden of life. (inaudible) like the vegan, the plant base which is supposed to be one of the best ones. And I came across to a study that it shows it was a clean label project, they were testing 131 plant-based powders. And it showed that they have mercury, lead and other chemicals. And garden of life was one of them, and the garden of life was barred from Nestlé. And they’re so processed and so I stopped consuming powders. I don’t consume any more protein powders and also I read somewhere that it’s hard for the gut to digest actually those powders, so I’m focusing more on the foods that I can eat real food. Instead of having (inaudible) for protein.

Roxana: And I feel like I don’t need to build so much muscle. I don’t know, it’s coming from just coming from the quinoa and the beans, buckwheat. I mean, I don’t do it and I feel better. I think when I stop doing it, I think my body was reacting to.

Clint: I used to have problems digestively with protein powders, and I haven’t taken them for so long I don’t know if they still exist. But they weren’t causing me any inflammation that I could identify as a definite relationship. I was unable to get a reaction say from protein powders, and I was taking p-protein but I never digestively handled them very well. I would get you know gassy from no more maybe I would feel just something wasn’t sitting right in my tummy. I just never felt maybe I think that my stools never looked quite as conventional as what they should you know it just seemed to mess things up a little bit somehow. And I know that one of the famous bodybuilders in the vegan world is called Robert Cheek and I’ve become friends with him met him at a at a conference last year, and stayed in touch, and planning to get him on this show actually. Now he’s spent a lot of time over the last year or 2 getting away from them himself, and he is a sort of semi-retired but professional plant based body builder. And so for him to get away from them as well because he just wanted to go as natural as possible, and he said he feels better for it. So look I don’t see.

Roxana: They started the clean label project, they study like tested all this plant protein powders. It was garden of life inaudible) and then Vega. It’s very interesting I mean you know some people (inaudible) they think they’re doing something good to their bodies when they doing more harm you know. Especially for people who has RA, who has so many.

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Clint: Challenges. Yeah. All right. Okay. Well have you got. Have you got some. In the last part of our recording here let’s talk about some tips for some people or maybe around how you deflect comments from others if they might be a little critical or maybe around how you go to work and handle you know eating when you’re on the workplace. I mean there’s just a couple of ideas, just to trigger some conversation around this or any other tips that you might have for people.

Roxana: For going to work and how hand and food? Well I’m like, so easy and simple I mean if I go out or I go to work I get always a Tupperware like I glass one not plastic with sweet potato which is easy. (inaudible) sweet potato because if you’re really hungry, sweet potato very you know, it’s gonna fill you up. Sweet potato (inaudible) bring with me an avocado (inaudible) healthy fats if you can tolerate avocados in the 1st stage. I don’t think it’s good but now I eat 1 or 2 a day.

Clint: Fantastic.

Roxana: So you can avocado, I bring my own salt because I don’t do any table salt from restaurants I do the Celtic salt. I bring that and you can have a something like rice cakes, you can eat it with avocado it’s so delicious. And I bring rice, I those little thermoses from my kids and put on basmati rice and then (inaudible) so easy. It’s easy to pack a lunch (inaudible). I don’t mix fruits with fats, I’m doing a little bit of food combining. I was reading about this so I don’t combine fruits with fats even though are healthy fats like nuts and seeds or avocados. And I feel like actually it helps much better digestion. I mean I don’t have any bloating, zero it’s amazing. I (inaudible) I start doing it I mean you go out and you have food just to eat.

Clint: (inaudible) say and we laugh but the truth is that I eat, you’re better off eating before you go to a function. I always get caught out when I, you know I still do like corporate events, and I go and host out an event or perform standup comedy for companies. I’ve gotten back into it since we’re back in Australia at the moment. And you know I’ll eat before I go, I’ll see what they give me for my vegan meal when it lands on my (inaudible) and if I don’t like the look of it if it’s covered in oil which actually happened the other day, I just didn’t touch it. I mean it was soaked in oil it was a what do they call it Gnocchi, it was a gnocchi meal that was covered in sort of an oily substance. And I’m just like I don’t want to put that in my body.

Roxana: No, I mean the wrong things. Also the people thinks that going to a vegan restaurant is healthy which is not true. I don’t go to vegan restaurants unless they have organic and no oils and no processed foods. Because there is a lot of vegan can eat a lot of processed (inaudible) I just don’t do oils either, coconut oil I used to but I stopped it I don’t need to really. So my only sources of healthy fats will be avocados, nuts and seeds.

Clint: But you also get them in your leafy greens and you also get it in your. And little bits in Buckwheat and quinoa. I mean you are getting it so we don’t want to underestimate how much nature is actually taking care of us without us thinking about it.

Roxana: Right (inaudible) like I’m doing now also is that in intermittent fasting like that big meal at 5PM or 4PM, I don’t eat anything until the next day. You know your body’s gonna take care more, it’s gonna focus in repair and regenerate (inaudible) digesting all the food that you are eating. S I’m doing here and there, I not really you know doing it every day. But when can I do it and it is working. There is a lot of Studies showing like a health food inflammation with sugar levels in the body and different conditions. So I just give I’m my own guinea pig so I can, I read it makes sense to me, I try it.

Clint: Exactly. And with kids as well you all know that you know kids like to eat earlier than adults tend to as a group. If it was just adults and so what we found is as our kids are you know they like to eat around 6:00, 6:15 and then after that they’re heading into the crazy zone as they get hungry and tired and irritable. And so we’ll eat dinner often start dinner before 6:00 some nights, and we kind of doing a long fast but as a result of doing that. I mean with the family’s finished dinner well before 7:00 PM, which by the way I recommend in our program finished in a by 7:00 every night. And so you’ve got all that time you got five hours before midnight, and if you’re lucky might get another seven hours before you have to get up in the morning. And so it’s a long time without eating. And this is a recipe for success definitely is just to allow your body that time to focus on other things other than the most demanding exercise that your body does which is breaking down food.

Roxana: I feel like I’m more light, in the morning. I keep doing it for the last 3 years my green juice, the cucumber-celery so that doesn’t change I do it religiously as a word for me. Yeah I do it every day, So I mean even if I wake up with a long period of not eating anything I drink my green juice maybe 16 to 20 ounces and then I go to work out (inaudible) whatever. And then I comeback by 11:30 and I do green smoothies with a lot spinach, blueberry, coconut water for a lot of electrolytes. I put a little bit of L-glutamine powder. So you know it’s good for the muscles, it’s good for the gut you know and it seems like it’s working very well. (inaudible) why supplements. .

Clint: Yeah. Let’s just wrap up on that. Just tell us are these extra couple of supplements that you find are working for you. And yeah I l glutamine is well-known in scientific research studies to have been shown to be effective at healing a gut wall. Now I personally took a lot of it, I’ve got clients inside our support group who experiment with doing it. I must say that it’s very very subtle, if anything from other people’s reports but your report being that it could be helping is good. And I like to hear, I like to hear.

Roxana: Like everybody else you try so many supplements and you try everything you know (inaudible) It’s going to end your body heal whatever you took. So I have a full cabinet of a lot of supplements like I rotate it. I don’t take so many for longer periods of time for example right now I always take vitamin D for sure, I take magnesium every night. (inaudible) one of the king of going of the vitamin so I will never stop taking it. Curcumin 95, this is my best friend, it’s basically what I take now. So I take probiotics (inaudible) ACL, and I don’t take it any more because I think my body was reacting too much is too much. Too much (inaudible) your body, you know I was the way I eat is so clean so I don’t think I needed much help. I don’t know. But I’m taking a break from that and I feel good.

Clint: Your supplements now are basically the ones that I recommend people to try. You’ve got your enzymes in there, you’ve got your probiotics I recommend potassium look potassium magnesium they work very similar in the body, they both alkalizes the body. Magnesium I recommend to be taken with potassium anyway so you’ve kind of got that right. And as long as you’re eating a plant-based diet you’re getting lots of potassium in naturally. So I mean as far as I’m concerned you’re doing wonderful things and you’re curcumin I also think has some scientific evidence for pain reduction. So yeah great stuff.

Clint: Well Roxana I’ve actually watched the sunset over you since we’ve been sitting here in this last 45 minutes.

Roxana: I you know, I mean I was trying to get the natural light, you know is like it gets dark already.

Clint: Yeah. Well it’s been lovely chatting again, and it’s always uplifting when I listen to you. You’ve got such energy and you speak with such passion. And you know I must say I am disappointed that Peru recently beat Australia in the World Cup. So obviously I was disappointed about that, but we can’t all be winners. But certainly what you’ve done is amazing with your health and I am thrilled to be able to share your update today and to keep people inspired to know that look this is this approach works. And when you do all the things right, you will be able to maintain your health. And look at your husband is put a big light on you.

Roxana: Very supportive, you know he was going to do anything. Yeah. There is no doubt that plant-based diet can cure and reverse any disease. Because all the roots of the disease are inflammations, so you keep out all the meat with the hormones, and oil. GMO the cows eat and you know are all the process and everything. I mean obviously your body is gonna die because that is why the body supposed to be. You have the right to have a healthy body in a lot of ways. So plant base, even paleo people or any other diets they also focus on vegetable.

Clint: It’s true.

Roxana: Even you doing meet all day you need vegetables. I me and I think my diet is like 90% carbs, like people said how you can be so tiny? You eat carbs all day, Yeah I mean carbs are not that evil. People think carbs are bad, carbs is going to feed your good bacteria in the gut, and we need carbs. we don’t need tons of meat because people you know with the ketogenic diet and you eat a lot of fats. I cannot see that, like how your pancreas and your body is going to be breaking down all those fats all day long. You know poor liver, I mean it doesn’t make sense to me that people you know they said try now, everybody is doing it. I don’t it makes sense but I think carbs are the best way to go. I’m talking about (inaudible) vegetables carbs like from vegetable and fruits you know those are the best carbs.

Clint: Yeah. The ketogenic diet is just Atkins, turned into South Beach Diet, turned into Paleo diet, with more fat. I mean what we’re talking about is a high fat low carbohydrate diet. And ultimately there is no way else of looking at that except you’re going to increase your risk of death, you’re just increasing risk of death. And if the only reason people doing it because they think that will help them lose weight, and if they think that they can eat some of their favorite foods. Then you’ll pay the consequences, it’s easy to lose weight. Look at you and I were both slim, we both have endless consumption of foods. I mean I never have to think about getting a gut or getting fat right. And yet I can eat endless quantities of foods before this podcast I ate a hundred fifty grams of cashew nuts which is two packets. And the reason I know the amount is because it’s written on the side not because I’m obsessive right. There’s a 75-gram packets right and I looked at it.

Clint: So now just read, that’s like a massive amount of nuts, right?

Roxana: (inaudible) I don’t measure amounts. But when I eat a whole pad of rice, I eat it. I mean my body is asking.

Clint: Right. You’re not going to then think that are so. So look what weight loss is a terrible thing to be as a goal, weight loss is a side effect of correct eating. And anytime we target weight loss as a goal we can quite probably be eating the wrong things unless we’re doing plant base where you get it for free.

Roxana: Right (inaudible) your body’s gonna it’s gonna break down the food then it will be an inflammation in bloating anything you know like meat and dairy. I don’t know dairy for me, there is no dairy here.

Paddison Program
Get the Paddison Program

Roxana: Yeah I mean I just wanted to tell people like it’s very depressive and very hard when you go get the diagnosis because I was there. But you have two choices, you can sit and don’t do anything about it, and feel as a victim, and be upset, and depressed and whatever without doing anything. Or would you just say maybe I can do something about my life, you know maybe I can change that, I can change my habits, my lifestyle, my stress level. I sleep better you know because your body is never is going to go against (inaudible). You know because conventional medicines Oh I don’t know why your (inaudible). You know he said in his I don’t think the body wants to know anybody is never going to attack. Is something like put in, it’s a virus infection of proteins you know from the foods that we eat every day. We’re you know inflaming a body to the point like our body is getting confused. It has been proven by scientists (inaudible). Anyway so just you have the power to change your life, and then you can do it. Just like an action today, change (inaudible) your life to day.

Clint: Beautiful. Absolutely. I say what can you do right now to improve your situation? And then when you’ve done it then ask yourself what else can I do right now to improve my situation? And if we just ask those 2 questions every day it’s continual improvement and the improvements build on each other and then someone can end up in a situation like yourself where they’ve started out. And I remember when you first started you kept emailing me frequently you say and what about this what about this and I remember like I remember thinking to myself you know you’re really dialed in and you’re going at this 100%. And then I remember a story right from the start, and I was telling my wife Melissa because of the Peru connection which we’re very we feel very connected with you because that’s where we fell in love was in Peru. And so you know I remember you amongst all the others because of this connection. And you have taken it and you have built, you have laid one brick every day and now you’ve built a fortress. And so congratulations and it’s so amazing.

Roxana: It means a lot to me, like you’re saying that because you guys you and your wife your beautiful wife so special to me. And then I hope and I know we in I know we going to meet somebody in person.

Clint: That will be awesome.

Roxana: I know it’s going to happen. Actually 3 years old when I was diagnoses, one of my goals was for me to be able to hide the Andes much a picture. Where do you fall in love with your wife ending. It’s been 3 years, and I’m gonna go like I told you to Peru with my husband for the very first time, because my husband (inaudible) Peru. And we want to do the hike ending. These things are real and it happiness. is more dreams don’t feel afraid to dream. I mean just keep believing in yourself and everything could be. This project is no big deal for everybody else but it’s for me, because it’s something like I was very scared of my future 3 years ago and now I’m here. I had the physical to do it and then I got to do it. I’m so excited, and I’m getting ready and 10 days to go.

Clint: Oh that is awesome. .

Roxana: My family to your family, I am very grateful because I wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find a different way of living if it wasn’t for your work and for what you do to inspire others to do it. So in doing for me to be part of all these movement you know a movement of wonderful people. Because these what we’re creating, or you started obviously is getting bigger. And we get in you know the word out needs to be you know for everybody to know about these type of different healing modalities. We (inaudible) the only one.

Clint: Yeah I agree the path through the mountain is very narrow, and we have to make sure that as you said earlier we don’t make any of the mistakes because the body is so hypersensitive to the wrong foods, and it’s very delicate. So that’s right. So well with that you’re about to go climb your own mountain in 10 days that’s the most exciting thing of I want a picture of you and your husband at the top of match Pictou because that’s going to mean a lot so have happy hiking. I personally found that the more I hike the better my body felt. and it was I was scared of hiking because I went over there with a bad knee, and a bad elbow. But I found that the hiking was good. So as long as you’re not in the position that I was but I found that as long as I went down steps very carefully and so on, I did great. So you’re going to smash it, it’s going to be so much fun and I want a pitcher okay?

Roxana: Yeah of course, I’m so excited.

Clint: Awesome well thanks for joining me today again and I look forward to watching all of your wonderful updates on Instagram.

Roxana: All right thank you so much. bye everybody.


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