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9 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

9 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Ever wonder how to get more nutrition? Curious about improving your diet? Want to have more energy during the day?…

Then this is for you to show how incredible a shift towards a more plant-based diet can be.


Plant-Based Health

1) Disease reversal & prevention. This is a no brainer! A plant-based diet can reverse heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity, acne, digestive disorders, and inflammation in the body. (1)

2) Reduces exposure to toxic chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, and industrial pollutants that contaminate many animal proteins.

3) Can easily lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and help maintain a healthy body weight.

4) A low-fat, plant-based diet lowers heart attack rate by 85% (2)

5) A low-fat, plant-based diet lowers cancer rate by 60% (2)

6) A plant-based diet increases your life span by 20%

7) Nourishes the body with phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and vibrant energy.

8) Brings compassion to the plate and reduces factory farming. Number of cows and calves slaughtered every minute in the United States: 90,000. (3) The number of food animals (not counting fish and marine life) killed per year: 150 billion. (4)

9) Helps protect the environment and our beautiful planet Earth. “Did you know that the length of time before the Costa Rican rainforest would be completely gone if it were cleared to produce enough beef for the people of Costa Rica to eat as much beef, per person, as the people of the United States eat: 1 Year” (5)

How to start pumping more plant-based foods into your diet? Swap out a few meals with some inspiration from our latest plant-based recipe book.



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